Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happiest of All the Holidayz

Warmest Wishes from our wee home to yours!


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Life Your Life

I'm posting this, in part, because I was carded tonight. That means that it is more than o.k. for me to love this music....

It speaks to me.

So. Whats been going on?

A lot of ancillary stuff. Important stuff - but supportive, not necessarily primary stuff. Not necessarily life changing or heart stopping...stuff. But it is my life. My Life. If only I looked as flippin' hot as Rihanna. She hot. And, yeah-baby this girl got carded tonight. Nice.

In other news, today I hit 100 sales on etsy. How cool is that? I became a seller just over a year ago. Since then I've made countless plush owls, convinced many folks to appreciate upcycling, learned how to write a press release, grasped a greater knowledge of marketing and color theory and became a front-page curating etsy artisan. Nice.

Life Your Life.

That is going to be my new mantra. I hope. Sometimes things don't turn out as you planned. Little did I know that I'd be facing another holiday season "Waiting For Referral". But I am. We are. Its rough. Sometimes the emotions are closer to the surface than others.

Right now I have Rihanna.

Even if you haven't heard from me, I think of you. Those of you in China. Those of you on the brinks - waiting for TA's and haunting Target for all the needed supplies. And, those of you/us that continue to wait. Mark time. Watch the years pass. And, attempt to put a handle upon the elusive Hope.

Big Love.