Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sealed with a Kiss

I had a bit of help...

putting together a care package for our buttercup.

I cut and I pasted...I researched and I shopped.

It was so much fun choosing and sewing for a girl that now has a face and a name. Here is what I enclosed in a crimson red box Guangdong bound, to our cupcake girl:

Three hand-adorned onesies, a pair of yoga pants to match, a tiny all-American photo album with photos of our nearest & dearest for buttercup, California-made candies for her caretakers, a brilliant teether toy, a mama-made buttercup yellow "tiny wee hoot" and a lightweight waffle weave blanket - perfect for the hot weather in the area where our girl is currently living.

And, Rainbow Socks!

Everything is wrapped up for the mail tomorrow.

And, totally Sealed with a Kiss.

Many kisses.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Such a sweet wee face.

We are so excited to introduce our daughter!

Song Xiao (Dawn) Yuan (garden)

Born on January 26, 2010 - she's a tiny, young nugget of love!

Someday soon we will travel to the province of Guang Dong where she sleeps "deeply" at the YangXi SWI!

She is a healthy girl who loves playing with adults, has 2 teeth, can hold her head up & roll over - at 6 months!

She's as big as our chubby cat, Peyton: 14.5 pounds!!

Immediately I feel that she is smart, somewhat fearless, very likely quite sassy, wants to be involved and needs her mama (& baba) to hold her tightly and feel all the love cascading upon her little life.

Such an amazing day.

Such an amazing time.

So many feelings.

Thankfulness. xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sing With Me

I LOVE Ya Tomorrow....
You're only a Day Away!

The phone call that will change our lives forever will happen tomorrow.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Fifty One

Its been Fifty One Months since our dossier was logged in.

That's a long time.

(Ahem) That's a Long-Ass Time!

And we are completely on the Brink. On the Brink of everything that I've hoped for and held dear about this new beginning. Of becoming a mother. Of becoming a Family. Of coming into this place whereupon we're meant to be.

Our child is literally waiting for us as we have waited for her. Soon we will come together.

All signs point to Tuesday next week. That's August 17th.

51 months and 2 days.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Winding and Wondering

About four and a half years ago I last had my hands upon the paperwork that would make our dreams real.

And, today I can say that I'm starting to remember the girl that once was so hope and dream filled as the one in this photograph.

She (and her dear husband) sent off the package of documents to this austere and somewhat mysterious place...

to be maintained, accounted for and clasped in a promising holding pattern until its time came due.

All of these months...years, actually, I have wondered: What color was our dossier cover? Were we on the top shelf - or somewhere shuffled in the middle?

How many shelves...

or desks has it touched?

What did the people who work in this building...

think of us? Did they find us interesting, cute, prosperous, charming, ordinary...kind?

According to the rumor-trackers and modern day soothsayers...matching has begun.

Will we hear our long-awaited news this week or next? Or will it be longer?