Sunday, September 19, 2010

Insert Baby

One step closer....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cascading Love

I know that traditionally it is called a Baby Shower, but it felt a lot more like a Waterfall for me.

This gathering of friends and family was an incredible washing upon my life this past Sunday. It was an incredible wave of expectation. A cavalcade. It was a drenching abundance of expectation and as overwhelming as I'd imagine a surfer facing the Mavericks may was that for me. This little Sunday party was amazing and wonderful and overwhelming and absolutely what I needed at this point in time. All my nearest and dearest in one place at one time and....celebrating buttercup. Our dear buttercup.

Borrowing words from my dear Suzanne Vega...It was "Love Made Real".

My dearest AK47 whipped up some amazing finger sandwiches and cosmos meant to be sipped from teacups.

She was the hostest with the mostest and made everyone feel welcome and ready to par-tay! She created a beautiful red wave of fabric where guests could share their hopes and dreams for baby Z!

So many hopes and dreams!

There was Rainbow Bunting...

A Rainbow Group Craft Project:

A Rainbow Cake:

A Rainbow Group Gift:

(I refuse to take this amazing jeweled treasure off of my neck!)

And a Rainbow Collection of Family and Friends!

So many presents for buttercup, so many hopeful wishes for myself and many promises of support, love, dim sum and congee. Thank goodness. Thank. Goodness. Thank you.

Feels so great to be so happy.

I love you all! Thankfulness. xoxoxoxo