Sunday, June 20, 2010

It Just Goes to Show You...

...that there's something for everyone.

Case in point - this grass green gingham pimp hat. It was made for me. I stopped in my tracks when it caught my eye as I passed the beauty supply shop window. I'm pretty sure it winked at me. We engaged in this charade several times before I went inside the store and walked out with it on my head.

Hello Summer!

Makes me want to plan a road trip and listen to the play list below. Its a mix I made for one of the graduating seniors I worked with last year. He had a penchant for "retro" 80's style and sound...and it just so happens that I majored in that.

As I broke out the playlist today, I found that these tunes matched my mood. Energized, playful, bright and lighthearted.

This may end up being my best Summer ever!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working on my Summer 2010 Soundtrack

And this one is going on it!

Couldn't find the video - but wanted to share the tune. Totally fun.

I'll also add this one:

For Those Kinds of Days. Ludacris is good for that. And, speaking of Luda, what's up with this?

I know its all about the Benjamins, but c'mon. Completely ludicrous.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Check in


Been a little busy, a little nutty, a little excited and very preoccupied.

So I returned to old habits and over Memorial Day weekend and......on top of my primary goal to whip the garden into shape, I cut

and pinned

a stack of buttercupbloom hoot owls for my etsy shop. The end result was 26 new pieces - all stitched up and ready to go.

It was satisfying work in more ways than one and got me through an anxious time with bunch of unknowns. It quelled my desire to be in the drivers seat because I could channel those impulses into stitches.

It ended up being a great week with the best outcome.

This weekend I rest.