Sunday, March 28, 2010

Five Faves

Thanks to Amy, my Skunkboy Creatures Swap Partner, I was inspired to blog today. She suggested listing my "Five Faves" - and because its been a wee while since my last post PLUS since Five is my Fave number I thought I would join along in the party.

1 - Fave Beverage: A&W Diet Root Beer

Really, really, really good.

2 - Fave New Yarn & Accompanying Project (plus complimentary kitty toes)

This is Koigu's Handpainted "Dr. Seuss" yarn. I describe it as a "woolen tutti frutti, rainbow...with sprinkles" and I'm working it into a lacy, Koigu Wave scarf pattern. Perfect for Spring/Summer nights. It will look totally different once I'm finished and have washed/blocked it.

3 - Fave (recent) Etsy Purchase

Roundy Bottomed "Made By Hank" clutch in teal. Adorable. Tactile. An inspiration. She uses a lot of upcycled fabrics, so she is a kindred spirit, too. Good luck snapping up a bag, tho, as she sells out in a Flash!

4 - Fave New TV Show - Parenthood

I honestly don't know how we stumbled upon this show, but it pulled us in with the gratuitous Bay Area references and kept us hooked (or at least me) with Dax Shephard's crooked smile and the hilarious, over the top liberal family stereotypes. I Love it.

5 - Fave New T-Shirt

This "Climbing Cowlneck Tee" made me stop in my tracks. And, it fit! So I bought it. And, I love it!

Sooooo, if you've been inspired and feel like sharing your "Five Faves" - please leave a link here in the comments!

Fun! xo

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Makin' Whoopie

The other day at the office this caught my eye:

Yum, right?

It was a festive little photograph attached to an article about how the new & kewl things to make at all the hip Bay Area eateries are "Whoopie Pies". Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, buttercream, salty peanut butter and lemon zesty cute wee cakelets of beauty...with creamy centers. YUM!

Honestly? It was the rainbow sprinkles that made me stop in my tracks. And, stop I did. I stopped and slipped that newspaper under my arm because I knew in my heart of hearts that I would definitely be Makin' some Whoopie...and soon. Yesterday was the day. Friday was Whoopie day because it was rainy, I was a bit glum and because I knew I'd have a visit from a very special birthday boy over the weekend. So many reasons for party sprinkles and chocolate decadence.

In preparation for the endeavor, I scanned the internet for more recipes and photos - just for comparison. Here are the visions that filled my head:

Adorable, right?

Wellllllll, mine didn't quite turn out like the guys above. Maybe it was insufficient "whipping" of the butter/egg/sugar into ribbons as the recipe requested. Maybe the chocolate was too hot when we folded everything together? Maybe our baking powder is a little bit expired? Maybe a "fluffier" cream cheese frosting sort of filling might have been better? Geez, I don't know...but here's what we got:

Wait for it.....

They look as though they are rejecting the marshmallow fluff innards. It was a culinary science experiment gone terribly awry.

But, they tasted super yum. Super, fudge-y and delicious. The rainbow sprinkles charmed everyone completely and made the birthday boy smile. Which made it all totally worth it.