Friday, February 23, 2007

ramble on

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Stephanie over at Forks & Chopsticks inspired me to look at my rambling ways this morning.

The map above details all the states that I've visited. Eight of these I've actually called home. I managed to rack up some significant mileage because we moved a lot during my kidhood...and because I am a big fan of the road trip.

Our family packed up the house and moved across country a la National Lampoon's Vacation years ago. This accounts for the red "stripe" that cuts through the map above. We got to stand in four states at one time in Four Corners , taste Mexican food for the first time and watch a storm move across the flatlands of Kansas - it seemed like you could see forever. Our musical accompanyment during this voyage Westward included the tunes of Hooked on Classics, the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack and Annie - the Musical. These were the only tapes (yes, cassette tapes) that we agreed on when the radio stopped picking up anything but the snowy static of the open road. I can still hear the fiddle solo from The Devil Went Down to Georgia like it was yesterday.

Yes, it was a Hard Knock Life...for us.
(Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Other memorable roadtrips? Well there was the one that I took after meeting my future in-laws for the first time. Yes, we road tripped from DC to Florida the very first time we met. Made the trek in one day. We obviously were meant to be together.

Another particularly memorable journey took me from one end of Texas to the other following a band with an old boyfriend. Somehow that trip seemed longer than any of the other ones. Perhaps it was the drive-through-the-night-sleep-deprivation-related-hallucinations? I also did some MidWest exploration post college and some really great trips to Oregon on the Green Tortoise during my grad school days.

Looking at the map as a whole illustrates to me that I desparately need to explore the Southern part of the US. I had plans to visit Louisiana about 15 years ago during a trip to Texas but it fell through. When I was tapped by the Red Cross for deployment following Hurricane Katrina I thought for sure I'd wind up somewhere in the South, however, I ended up in a call center in Bakersfield, CA...go figure.

Someday I'll get there. There and the Badlands. And, what about Wisconsin?

Where have you been? Where are you going? Do you need any luggage?
(Does anyone get this reference?**)

Random Reference UpDate**

A few lines from a fave B52's Tune ~ Detour Through Your Mind...

"Who am I?
Where have I been?
Where am I going?
Do I need any luggage?
Can I bring my mother?

I need to leave my past behind -
I need to leave my behind in the past"

Ain't it da truth?


Natalee said...

Very cool! I did it for myself, and have apparently been more places that I thought!

BTW, these 2 parts of songs are now rambling around in my head:

"Holiday Rooooaaaadd!!"

"Fire in the mountain, run boy run. Devil's in the House of the Rising Sun."

Mark & Michelle said...

Wow - that is a lot of States...I have mainly been through the ones from NY to Florida in the MANY drives there.

Joannah said...

You've covered a lot of territory! I think I've only been to fifteen states.

walternatives said...

Ok, I now I'm incredibly curious - please tell me the reference to "Does anyone need any luggage?"

a&mg said...

Ahhh, I love a good road trip! I am really looking forward to the drive from PA to Alaska this summer. We will be able to add a couple more states to our map then. We've been cross country a few times as well. We used to keep a not so PG rated map of the United States as well (states where we, well, use your imagination....) haha

new girl said...

My map has a similar pattern to yours, but not as filled in. I am also missing the southern states and the upper west.

Hooked on Classics, OMG, how many years since I've thought of that? Probably not enough! LOL!

Beth said...

How cool you have been to so many places. My map would be very sad compared to yours. Next stop for you....China!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, what about Wisconsin? Looks like you just skipped over that state! Thanks for participating!

Stacy said...

I see you haven't been to Kentucky. You will have to come for a visit!

You have had some great road trips. I haven't been west of the Mississippi much. This looks fun.

Jessi said...

Uhh, Wisconsin? Dude, that's where I grew up. Do you really need any more of a reason to visit than that?

C.J. said...

It be da truth!

I've spent more time in Wisconsin than I ever should have. But that, m'dear, is a whole other blog ;0)

jk said...

Sadly, I think my map will look very similar to yours. I am going to try it next. You have to get to Tennessee - it really is one of my favorite states - and they have the prettiest, cleanest highways. I made tons of roadtrips back and forth through Tennessee and Kentucky to go back and forth to college in Savannah.

The Badlands are really awesome too - I have family in the Black Hills - they have som really beautiful gold up there.

Melissa O said...

We're going camping in the Black Hills in June--I'll scout the place out for you. And, sweetie, anytime you want to experience Wisconsin, come on out. We'll do s'mores around the campfire.