Tuesday, September 04, 2007

If That's What You're Into

I think that we've finally recovered from our Laborious Labor Day camping trip last weekend. The poem scribbled below was inspired by the Flight of the Concords tune "If You're Into It"...something silly that hovered about the campsite and became a mascot of sorts all weekend long. Quite similar to the clinging aroma of our neighbors bacon grease doused campfire smoke. Well, maybe funnier than that.


Somehow the Flight of the Concords kept us connected and sane amidst hot temps, crowded bathrooms, unexpected allergies and the little red bugs that seemed to be mating all over the ground/tent/picnic table/undergarments. Please look at the clip below and consider following this randomly funny show on HBO. Random and...just so perfectly what I'm "into".


Pedicure ruined on your toes
Missing all your weekend TV shows
Pounding tent spikes way-down low
Nice Camp Host - we call him Joe
Will we do this again? Shoot, I really don't know....

Dusty dirty shoes
Ankles black and blue
Un-a-ble to go Poo
Do you think that would be something you'd be in-to?

Standing in line to pee
Brushing teeth so everyone can see-ee
Picking bugs from your teeth
Pitching tent in big ol' tree-ees
Scabby, bug-bitten knees
All our food grazed on by Meat Bees

Me and You
In the woods
Aren't you in-to the Mood
To hang out with all of our crew
Plus a good friend..we call him...Stew
Isn't that something you'd be in-to?

Isn't the Toy Piano the best part?

With just FOUR days matched this month - couldn't we all use a laugh about now?


Katie J said...

Ok. One of my best buds just e-mailed me with another Flight of the Conchords song. Think I better start watching.

You seem to be hanging in there quite well.

But, if you need to vent,
My ears you will be lent.
Or if you're feeling low,
You could just go and sew.
Whatever it is you feel you're into...

It's catching!

Donna said...

Love your new lyrics! d

Mamacita said...

My husband loves that show. I've only watched pieces of it. I love the guy with the big beautiful lips and that accent. That must be the quintesential camping song. Goodbye, Kumbaya!

Joannah said...

That's funny! We don't get HBO, so I've never had a chance to see that show. Maybe it'll come out on DVD?

I'm glad you had a good time camping.

Headmeister said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flight of the Conchords!!! My friend Bill who I recently posted about actually worked with them on their HBO show all last year and said they were really nice guys... he even had a cameo in one of the episodes. My favorite songs so far are the Hiphopopottamus & Rhymnocerous and "You're So Beautiful"... Thanks for making me smile!!!!!!!!

PS - I got a new sewing book that looks like it's the layman's how-to guide, so we'll see how THAT one goes! lol... Just no more arm holes on the first attempt anymore...lol

natalee said...

I almost peed myself when I saw this on HBO. The toy piano was killer!

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

OMG! I didn't realize other people liked FOTC! I'm a HUGE fan, and a kiwi to boot! So I love the New Zealand thing too!

This song rocks, but so do all the rest too!

Thanks for brigthening my day!


Anonymous said...

Good one Jamaine!
Eh Jamaine!

It's what I'm into!

Me and Stew in the nude...being rude...That's what I'm into too...but not when camping.
I can't remember my sign-in password, but you know who this is.

i-Con said...

I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed that.

kris said...


i can't breathe...

oh we have so much in common buttercup.

rubyiscoming said...

ok, the first episode of 'Flight' had me in complete belly-laughing rolls in bed! Their music videos are my FAVORITE part of the show.

Although, I'm still bitter that HBO cancelled John from Cincinnati.

Good new lyrics, W

SBird said...

Oh, your lyrics are to die rolling on the floor for! So funny. 'Meat bees.' So funny.

Thank you!

lisa said...

I don't have television, though usually I still know "the shows" from people's conversations-never heard of this one before-love the apple tossing and the piano! Very funny! But W-you need to camp on public lands-lot less people and bugs (of course, no facilities either...)
Yeah, 4 days-after all those December rumors on Friday-sigh. ~lmc, December lid

Janet said...

Oh dear, how romantic.....where'd the freaky low-voice guy come from? :-)

tundrachica said...

SO I'm thinking I need to have this dedicated to the hubby on our 10th! Our first official date went something like that...
Good one!!

Beth and Shayna said...

Welcome back and I hope you had a fun camping trip. Remember...you have to send me your address.

Shannon said...

That was great...