Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Easily (& Thankfully) Distracted

While on vacation I had all of these creative vibes going so by the time I got home, I was totally stoked to have a blissfully mellow weekend nearly alone with my Kenmore. Here's what I did:

I fell in love with this Matryoshka fabric because of the colors and the cute factor. To me, it was an excellent basis for a holiday project. A bit of sketching on the beach & I have an original design! Yay. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to create something with my own pattern...my own vision. Sweet.

Click here for more detail & pics....

So, that being said, I do have a doll pattern coming to life. She/He is slightly beyond rough draft & I'm really looking forward to some time to play around with fabrics/design soon. My goal is to have some for my Etsy shop in early 2008!

This Etsy thing has been a great distraction for me in the midst of the holiday season and considering all of the adoption referral/timelines uncertainty. When I'm busy, creatively engaged and positively distracted - I can cope. You can only spend so much time in Mexico or on the motorcycle to distance yourself from rumors and angst. This is my newfound elixir.

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by my shop and given me feedback...& sales!



Mrs Pushy said...

From someone who is a serial 'craft lifter', I have great respect for someone who comes up with their own designs. I look forward to seeing your future designs.

Jessi said...

Those are very cool.

I almost have my new little crafting area all set up. Time for me start hanging out with the Brother again.

Lili & Robin said...

I have 0% craftability myself, but I love that it is your newfound coping elixir! I have been looking HARD for my own elixir. I think it is going to be volunteering and yoga: Two things that make me feel great and that I often don't make time for! Either that or back to the bottle and pills! (just kidding). this time of the year can be depressing for the infertile folks. -Lili

holly said...

Oooooh. You are so creative!!!
Can I borrow a piece of your brain?
I've thought about getting a sewing machine.
I used to have one many moons ago, as sewing was one of those things forced upon me as an adolescent and young married woman; needless to say, I rebeled.
But now, if it's MY IDEA, it could be a good thing, no?

Anonymous said...

I am drooling over that fabric...you are my hero...

Beeb said...

cute ornaments and the fabric is adorable. I'm excited for you and your shop.

Stephanie said...

Very cute! Crafty pursuits always make me happy.

Anonymous said...


Thank you! I love the bell; nice texture, colors, and not too Christmas-y! Yours was the first ornament I received from the swap. Hey--this is fun.

Leslie Modena