Sunday, January 06, 2008

Why the Rain Rocks

It is our rainy season here in California & I couldn't be happier. Right now we've got this cool weather system going through dumping a boat-load of rain and treating us to some very rarely heard Thunder & Lightening! We've been very lucky & haven't lost power or experienced anything more than finding a few shingles on the ground. So far the storming has been great and here are some reasons why:

1. It's amusing to watch the cats respond to booming thunder by doing that skootchy walk low to the ground.

2. Drinking homemade lattes & finishing up the last of the Christmas cookies.

3. Time spent communing with the TV - Rainy Day Movies (we saw the Outsiders) & nail-biting football games (we were rooting for the Steelers).

Better luck next year.

4. Good excuse to put off the yardwork one more weekend...combined with hopeful prayers that this rain will make up for my poor gardening ethic over the past few months.

5. The all day dark skies give permission (& inspiration) for napping, crafting, reading, relaxing.....

6. Time to finally make my annual New Years Hoppin' John blackeyed peas. Btw, is it still lucky if you imbibe 4-5 days after the 1st?

7. Holiday Decor is Packed - yesssssss!!

8. We can keep a close eye on our sick cat, Cleo. (Anyone out there in cyberland have experience treating a pet for Diabetes?)

This picture was taken before Cleo got sick - now all Iris seems to want to do is bite her on the back & (maybe?) kill her? You know how cats sense when another is sick? Its weird and, yes, Cleo is safely quarantined.

9. Playing with new Christmas Gifts that got lost under the my 24-Pack of Ultra Fine Point Sharpies and Bend the Rules Sewing book!

10. Did I mention crafting????? I finally finished my third (& final?) Wild Carrot....Paige.

I hadn't planned on giving her glasses, but was inspired to do so after signing up for an Etsy contest. The topic for the challenge is "Science" & Paige is a clever, smart little carrot that dreams of going to UCBerkeley to study Information & Library Science. You wouldn't believe all the cool stuff that has been submitted so far - there are some very interesting and talented folks on Etsy.

Click here for more pictures of Paige at my Etsy Boutique

Anyway, it felt like a Project Runway-esque activity and anyone that knows me knows that I love a good, old fashioned contest/game. I'll definitely post when it is time to vote, so you can see all of the entries! Til' then, it is back to catching up around the house & around bloggersville...while we brace for the next round of storming.



CA Momma said...

I say it is definitely still good luck to eat black-eyed peas a little late- we did too.

I watched the Outsiders the other day also! Wow, they were all so young! I guess I was too once.

Happy New Year.

K said...

I'm sorry to hear that Cleo had diabetes. The only suggestion I can give is to change her food to an all-protein homemade diet, which has kept my Pooch's blood sugar at the high range of normal without any meds. The recipe can be found at and I'd be glad to let you use my grinder the first time so you can see what it's like.

Kayce said...

Oh how I LOVE the Outsiders!! Our power went out Friday morning and came back on today at 2, so I'm jonesing for TV and the computer!!! Glad you're enjoying the rain!

Doris & Dan said...

Great way to spend the day!

Hope Cleo feels better. Good luck with her treatments.

Keep smilin!

Mamacita said...

Good attitude, Girlie! We've had about 1 foot of snow out of this storm so far. With more to come! Yay!

M3 said...

Loving the storm too! I grinned and laughed when it thundered yesterday and the girls looked at me like I was crazy. Hey, it's exciting! :-)

(I'm a Steeler's fan too -- it was my grandfather's team and I've always had a soft spot for them.)

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

I missed something - black-eyed peas are good luck? Was this in an earlier post?

Lisa M. said...

We got dumped on last night with tons of rain. Love it! My Grandma always made black eyed peas for New Years Eve, seeing as it is my birthday I always thought she did it on purpose to torture me ( me no likey the black eyes peas). Paige is adorable. I like girls with glasses.

Mom2Boober-Do said...

Sorry about your cat- your vet should be able to help, diet changes and possibly insulin.

LOVE Paige. WANT Paige. You have so much talent.

Rain does rock, and for all the reasons you listed.

Michele said...

I'd love to find some time to catch up on the reading. Want to come here and help me get the decorations packed up and put back in the attic? Try to keep dry. I jealous that you get to do siome gardening, when it isn't raining. No thoughts of that here until May at least.

Jessi said...

I'm coveting your Sharpies. As soon as I can write again, I may be buying my own pack.

Sorry about Cleo. Once in college, my friend was housesitting and taking care of her aunt's diabetic cat. She forgot to give the cat a shot before she left for class so she asked me to do it. As soon as I did the deed, ANOTHER cat walked into the room. After a few frezied phone calls, it was determined that I gave the correct cat the insulin.

I'm thinking it would have been nice to know there were TWO cats.

Cavatica said...

I like Paige. She looks sweet.

Poor Cleo. My Hubs lived with a diabetic cat for a year. He gave her insulin shots quite often. She's still living, but has quite a battle with weight.