Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help a Girlfriend Out??

Etsy has a weekly Vote and this week I was included. Or, more
specifically, one of my Hoot Owls were included. The theme for the
vote this week is "Eco Friendly Items for a Better World". I couldn't
be happier to be part of that theme!

Actually, I could be happier - if I were to win!! Haha. Now you know
why I'm emailing and asking for your help. Its really easy & fun!

:::Click Here for the voting link:::

The poll ends on April 20th - and the results should be listed the
following day. Just in Time for Earth Day!!!

Hope this note finds you all doing well.

Happy Earth Day!

xo, WendyZ


HuluMama said...

Well I tried to vote a 2nd time! No luck for me!

Rhonda said...

Voted! I've always loved your stuff...from afar. :)

Beeb said...

I just voted.
Good to see you out here
not a twitterer -can't add another computer village to my life. We'll just have to talk the old-fashioned way, which I miss.
Unless.... you join facebook :)
May be coming your way to visit - will let you know when I have more info.

Anonymous said...

Just voted! Hope all is well - happy Spring!!

M3 said...

I voted for you!

"M" said...

So glad to see a post from you pop up on my bloglines. Love your owl, but had a heck of a time voting. Will try again. Good luck!

kris said...

voting now~! so cool~!

Polar Bear said...

Too Cute!
Off to vote!!
Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the voting! I love your owls!!

Headmeister said...

Just stopping by real quick to wish you a Happy Mothers Day :)

Kayce said...

Off to vote! Glad to hear from you too!