Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maker Faire Success!

And, it was so much fun! I really hope that I'll be invited to vend again as the Maker Faire and Bazarre Bizarre were truly the perfect market for me! Lots of families that care about upcycling, value handmade and love plush owls, carrots and rad ass radishes! My people.

Here is a pic of my pre-set up laid out on my dining room table.

Here is my table at the show itself! (I had a bunch of "stock" under the table and I kept filling in as the day went on).

Here is a pic of my table-mate "May" - of OhMay Designs on etsy. She is an amazing knitter and sells her original work as well as patterns at her etsy shop. She also lets me call her Mei Mei (my little sister - haha!).

Buttercupbloom and Ohmay!
Originally uploaded by brenda // phydeaux designs

We make a very good team as she is the calm, cool, collected one and I'm more of the perky salesgirl. Thanks to Brenda/Phydeaux for taking and sharing this photo of May and I.

And, many many many thanks to everyone that came out to support us at the Faire. I am happy to say that well over half of my "inventory" walked out the doors and into some pretty happy homes that day. A few people have actually even come back to my shop for more! One girl was so inspired by my Hoot Owls that she's founded a "Hoot for Owls" club!

Very, very, very cool!

I'll leave you with this vid from the Maker Faire website that will give you a sense of what else was going on at the event as well as the size of the crowds that were there! Pretty amazing!



mb said...

wonderful photos of your amazing handmades. How I wish I could have been there to shoot the entire event!!

TubaDad said...

Wow!!! Very cool.

M3 said...

Oops, that was me (forgot to check who was signed in before clicking send).

Charlie said...

Wow. That was much more than I envisioned.

Anonymous said...

Wen, I want to go to one of those shows with you so badly!! Someday! I can be a "perky salesgirl" too!! That event looks awesome and I look forward to hearing more about it, and seeing your wares upclose!

Kris said...

oh man that is SO COOL!! sorry I missed this post!!!!!