Saturday, February 13, 2010

From a Land Far, Far Away

A friendly girl named Katie put out a cyber-call and invited anyone interested in a crafty interchange to sign up on her adorable blog: Skunkboy Creatures. It had been quite some time since I involved myself in anything swaptastic and I decided that it was a most excellent idea indeed.

My motto right now is "Why Not?", so not only did I offer my name, but I agreed to trade with the world...totally hoping that I would have the chance to go international with this endeavor.

And, did I luck out!!!! Oh yes I did.

I was matched with a very lovely, creative, colorful, energetic woman from New Zealand. Her blog is called A Whim of Mine and she just opened an etsy shop of the same name. This little lady is quite skilled with a needle and with a hook. Look at this beautiful embroidered rhino she created...

Amy and I chatted a little via email and shared our fave colors and a few other personal thoughts in order to inspire the others creation. I was quite enamored with a crocheted doll that she made (I think it was Charles Darwin or something?) and asked if she made any "girly" ones? She said "maybe". Haha.

Look what just came in for a landing at my house:

Adorable! Thanks Amy!!!!

This little fairy wears magic wings on her spring green sweater vest! How cute is that? Did you see the wee buttons? And, the cheeky expression? She wears her hair in little pony-buns just like I do from time to time. Oh my gosh!

This wee fairy came bearing gifts, too.

The pretty candy-colored crochet hook was Amy's way to encourage me to try my hand at crochet. What she actually said was "Get Hooking".

Why not?


Waterrose said...

Oh how cute! and what an awesome idea.

Brenda said...

Hee hee! I love her pearl necklace. She screams "you!" :D

Special K said...

Love her. Very cool!

dreamer said...

that's so cool! I've always loved connecting with complete strangers on one of these types of challenges.

PS-your work is fabulous.

Michele said...

I love it. It is really terrific. I'm sure it will get lots of love in your house.

K said...

Welcome back to blogging; I've missed you.

I finally put my first things up on Etsy. No bites so far, though.

I bought a house. It has fruit trees and garden space. I really could use some help with planning the garden this year. If you're interested, please email me!

I'm still hanging with the adoption wait. I can't remember your LID, only that it's the 15th of the month. Are still waiting or did you pull out?

Would you be intersted in tieing (or is it tying?) some quilts for humanity? Let me know!

I'm glad I'm not the only one bummed when blogs I've followed for years go private and I'm not invited.

Again, welcome back.

Kelli said...

Oh that is the cutest!!!! I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Neat stuff! Let us know how the crocheting goes- its something I'm thinking about trying.
I'm currently fascinated with the Ravelry knitting and crocheting website- do you know it? It's the ultimate for knitters- my current obsession!