Saturday, October 14, 2006

Secret Pal Halloween Treats!

Our Secret Pal strikes again!!

This month was a unique mix of Halloween cuteness for BabyZ and a couple treats for Mom & DadZ.

LOVE the Orange Kitty Halloween TShirt!! I love the way the cuffs & waistband do that cute-curly thing. So fun. And, the kitty!! Looks a lot like our Cleo:
Our secret pal also included a teeny book about sign language. Little does she know that I took a couple years of sign language in college! I've often wanted to go back & get a more thorough education. Right now, all I can remember is how to sign "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.

Finally, here is a closer look at this really cool, unique cat-charm-bracelet. Very special!!!

Thank you SOOOO much, Secret Pal! We LOVE you. XOXOXOXXOOX, the Z's


Jen said...

It does look like cute is that? Don't you love the little Halloween clothes out there right now? I've picked up one or two myself assuming we'll have our girls with us next Halloween.

I should talk to you about signing then....I have many friends doing it with their infants. I think it will help us with our little ones too...especially with the language change. I should pick up that book! Happy October.

Kathy and Joel said...

CUTE!! What a great surprise and what fun gifts!

Joannah said...

Your secret pal has good taste. Those are very nice gifs!

Laura said...

Awesome!!! I thought I was the luckiest (ok, maybe I am on the Russian secret pal list)! What a really thoughtful secret pal you have!
Gavin signs, he learned it starting at his first daycare, and is still learning it.

Connie said...

What funkalicious fun stuff! I love it've got yourself a kickin' pal :0)

steph said...

Where do I get a secret pal this cool?!? Or even a dorky secret pal???
Totally cute~

Tamara said...

your sp did good- your kitty looks oh so ready for halloween with her glowing eyes. My kitty is already bringing me "treats" you know the kind you don't really want to see on your doorstep first thing in the morning!