Saturday, December 09, 2006

Smile Like You Mean It

Yup. It was last night!! They rocked. We rocked. The concert was terrific. I can not get the Killers out of my head...I think that is a very good sign.

Highlights of the evening:

1 - Six bands & Five and 1/2 hours of music for $45.50/ticket! I learned last night that the show sold out in TWO minutes!

2 - Best band of the night: The Killers


Hottest singer of the night: Brandon Flowers/Killers (Be sure to click on the pics below to get a better look at lovely Mr. Flowers - these are actually pics from last nights show!)

He was soo smooth, sounded so great and seemed to be having so much fun. Very sexy. The band was incredibly tight. As the last band in a lineup of six, they were definitely worth the wait.

3 - The Silversun Pickups did not disappoint in the least, although I would have liked to hear more from them. They were the first group to come on after the local band contest winners & only had about 25 minutes to play.
Not enough, I tell you!

There will be a next time, for sure, as I really-truly enjoyed them!

Bass player Nikki Monninger was inspirational. I want to be her.

I only have their latest album & love the guitar, so I knew she would be great. To hear her in person & see how confident-cool she was onstage reminded me of that fantasy I've always had of being a rock & roll star! You Go Ms. Nikki!!

4 - I think that Modest Mouse should change its name to Johnny Marr (formerly of the Smiths) and the Modest Mice. The band seemed totally separated from Johnny, who is more of a guitarist than a vocalist - but they had him positioned as though he was fronting the band. It was just awkward.

5 - Jack White is taller, fuller and a lot less vacant than I'd imagined him.

He was really soulful...and pretty hot, too, come to think of it. It was interesting to hear the Raconteurs do some really old school sounding stuff. Jzboy said he thought that it sounded a lot like Alice Cooper. It was almost comical when they broke into their hit (Steady as She Goes) as the final song on their playlist. To me, it was really out of place.

6 - The Shins were good. One of the guitarists really melted my heart with how into the music he was & the way he moved. I noticed some really, huge fans in the crowd -- I'm just not that up on their stuff, I suppose.

Final Thoughts:

Getting hit on in the beer line never gets old.

Cell phone "lights" have now replaced the lighter at a concert.

Always dress in layers if you are going to a show in December.

Run, don't walk to the shop and buy the Killers new it ok to still call them albums? Track 6 - my favorite.

Kids are still overindulging and passing out in the bathrooms at concerts.

There is still anxiety around "being seen" at a show - for me, now, it is the anxiety of being seen by one of the kids I work with at the high school.

Some things don't change...including overinflated beer prices and my annoying habit of leaving concert tickets in back pockets & destroying them in the wash.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like rockin' good time! I liked your comment about cell phone lights replacing lighters. I noticed this a couple of years ago when I went to see U2 and thought it was so funny.
Glad you had such a good time and whoo hoo for getting hit on! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the triple post...:( Blogger was acting funny.

Irena said...

Yeah, I have a crush on the lead singer of The Killers. Sexy yes.

Rock on, Girl.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome show! I love The Killers and The Shins! I would guess that getting hit on in the beer line wouldn't get old, unless it was one of those high school kids you were trying to avoid doing the "hitting"! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Man, I would have *loved* to have seen that show!! I'm totally jealous that you were that close to Brandon Flowers...mmmmmmm.

I'm still bummed that the RHCP w/Gnarls Barkley show is sold out here, that will be a great one as well.

I always seem to find out about things a day late and a dollar short.

Connie said...

Glad you had a killer time!

Never a bad thing to be hit on unless it is by one of the kids form the high school. Yikes!

Dingdangit a&mg already stole my line I just're gettin' it twice!

Anonymous said...

LOL- I love your take on the concert. You must be one happening gal- I don't think I could have stayed awake for 5 1/2 hours of live music- I'm an old fogey I guess :)

Jessi said...

Ooooh, I've been waiting for an update!! Can I tell you again how jealous I am? Sadly, I can't even think of the last show I've seen.

Thanks for such a thorough review! I'm glad you had a great time. I'm glad you got hit on too. Sadly, I can't think of the last time that happened to me.

walternatives said...

Hit on in the beer line AND all that great music? Sounds like it couldn't have been a better show.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, concerts. It has been, I think, 10 years since my last concert. I am so glad you had fun. And yes, leaving the concert ticket in the back pocket and then washing is key!

Anonymous said...

You are the coolest. Love the part about getting hit on. I am glad you had a lot of fun.


Melissa O said...

Yes! The new Killers album is awesome! Brandon Flowers--yummy--so jealous of you. Glad you had a great time!