Monday, June 18, 2007

Invisible Sun

As exhausting as last week was, an energizing little undercurrent of summertime anticipation accompanied it. Had I not been so tired & burnt around the edges, it may have put a wee spring in my step.

It all started when I replaced the ponderous literature cd with a fresh mix of tunes a little heavy on the Bubba Sparxxx. Later in the week I was lucky enough to float around in a sea of capped and gowned seniors. The high school where I work was teeming with that boundless, invincible energy that only 18 year old graduates have. Can you say Pomp? Can you say Circumstance?

One more thing? Please don't hate me for bragging, but...I got carded twice last week. Maybe I don't look at aged as I feel. Sweet.

Final excellent thing that happened? Jzboy scored tickets to see the Police the night of the show! A cool $50 each - no service charge at the box office!

Cherry on top? We got to go with my SECRET PAL. Can it get any more cool and random than that?

Honestly? The show was kindof a disappointment and the seats were lacking in their acoustical appeal - but, damn!, it was very cool to see the Police. Jzboy and I made a couple new friends and remembered that we are still young enough and fun enough to enjoy the hell out of an impromptu concert mid-week. The evening was an excellent mix of fun and breezy summertime goodness. A very good start to the season, I'd say.

Top five thoughts on the evening:

1 - Rehashing concert memories with people your age never gets old.

2 - Sharing crispy thin crusted gourmet pizzas and Sauvignon Blanc with the above mentioned people beats the hell out of tailgating with Lucky Lager in the stadium parking lot.

3 - Sting is quite an example of the health benefits of clean living, regular yoga and a good marriage.

4 - Even though they are drinking fine wine at an expensive concert, middle aged Gen-X'ers still act like sloppy idiots when drunk. (Not my friends, but the folks behind me with the stupid pillows they couldn't keep under their butts).

5 - The Wait is a lot less painful when you've booked fun stuff into your life. Next up? A drumming class - and not your everyday sort of drumming.

More later.

"There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day's done"
The Police - Invisible Sun/1981

Here's to the energy of the invisible sun warming everyone's lives this summer.


walternatives said...

I did indeed say "Pomp" and I like how it sounds outloud. Kudos to Jzboy for those mid-week concert tix. But what I love most of all is that you were carded twice last week! Touche, honey. Can't wait to hear about the drumming,

Doris & Dan said...

Lucky ducky! Me lurves me Sting! Meow!

Keep smilin!

Debra Sue said...

Wow! Sounds like you have lots of good going on. Esp. the carding - WOOT!

How awesome is it that you got to go to THE concert of the year? I remember the *irk* of the ticket costs, which is why we are not going.

I guess good things come to those who wait (and wait, and wait).

BTW - BB starts July 3!

secret agent said...

love it when I get carded... it used to make me so mad.. not anymore

drums???? your neighbors are gonna love you

also... what is a bjb??? I mean, my mind keeps going to the gutter... but I don't think that's what you meant. :)

Anonymous said...

Sting brings back lots of memories. I remember pretending we were married to him when we were kids. I got to hold one of his kids backstage at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I have pictures!

Jacquie said...

You hit the nail on the head with booking fun stuff. It was the ONLY way I got through.

Go you on being carded! Twice!

Very intrigued about your drum lessons......

Katie J said...

How is it that you're the one waiting and needing uplifting posts and words in your life, but everytime I come to your blog I get happy? You rock WZ Girl!

SBird said...

Amen, sister, to everything.

...and drumming sounds excellent!

jse said...

Sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to hear all about the other fun stuff, especially the drumming. Cool.

The only place I ever buy alcohol is at the grocery store. I never get carded because they see the three hellions and figure I must be at least 21. And they can tell that I really need a drink.

Shannon S said...

I love the old Police video where Stewart Copeland stands up on the drum kit and bashes everything with his sticks. Sounds like you had a very good evening out indeed.

Stacy said...

Wow!! It sounds like an amazing night! Sounds like a great week. Are you finished for the summer?
If so Enjoy the summer sun!! :)

new girl said...

You are a young thing -- I am 100% sure of it!!! Sorry the show itself was a disappointment but glad you had fun with your secret pal, and yummmm thin crust gourmet pizzas. I am so hungry right now - that sounds incredible! Anyway, I will heart Sting forever. He was my first non teeny-bopper celebrity crush!

kris said...

HOW awesome, and couldn't agree with the five things you listed. And Sting is amazing, I saw the Police in HS and Sting a few years ago. Best concert I've ever been to frankly.

rubyiscoming said...

2 x in one week? geez! I was carded in San Fran once and was just THRILLED :)

I am so FREAKIN' jealous that you are seeing The Police....oh man!!! TOO WONDERFUL - we'll be in Chicago while they are there and I'm really hoping to scalp some seats.

Headmeister said...

I love the Police! Sounds to me like it was a fabulous time! And to get carded TWICE this week? You are my new!

isepa said...

Very sweet! Besides for drumming, any other fun things definately down on that calander???

C.J. said...

Live on and enjoy the summatime!

Carded...twice....Yeah, just a shade of green here ;0)

Joannah said...

I love The Police! I've seen Sting in concert before, but not with The Police. You are a lucky girl, my friend!

K. said...

Yay! We are going to see the Police in Philadelphia in July! I can't wait! I've been disappointed reading the bad press, but I don't care!

Headmeister said...

Hey girl - just left a comment for you in the comments of my last blog post about my "siamese" cat ;)

Colleen said...

Oh..Sting is HOT! Seriously.... amazing all the way around. Sounds like a fun time with wine and friends.

And getting carded? Brag away sister.

Avery's Mom & Dad said...

will you email me again from your email. I am having some outlook issues and your email is not showing up.

I think the suit is from target, I don't think it comes in red-sorry, but it is cute in pink and brown.

I am sending you a pic of my hydrangias.

tundrachica said...

I agree with Colleen...Sting is HOT! How fun to go at such short notice.
Will it be African Jazz drumming? That would be sweet!
If you need more sunshine...I've got plenty of it here...around the clock.

Can I add you to my list on my blog? That way I can keep better track on all computers.:)

tundrachica said...

Oh..I got carded while sitting at a table full of colleagues...I was flattered but THEY were not! :) However, I have been told that the piercing I have had for 11 years "makes me look younger". I'm all for that!

jk said...

Police fan here.
I am going to get Sting's latest project, "Songs From the Labyrinth". It sounds incredible.

Jonni & John said...
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Jonni & John said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Please do give more details on the drum class. I can't wait to hear.