Sunday, June 03, 2007

Misty Water-Colored Memories

I have been enjoying reading so many great posts about favorite memories that I decided to chime in - literally - and write about some of my own personal faves. As I thought about what to write...what do you know?...a soundtrack of sorts manifested itself! Hearing something from way back on the radio can take me right back to a different place and time. I like to think of such experiences as bumping into old friends. Over the past few weekends, I have been ripping our cds onto ITunes and nostalgia has been just gushing out of my speakers.

See how this is all making sense?

ABC/Jackson Five - First record (45) ever purchased
Kiss Alive II - First Album ever purchased in 1977 (that's 30 years ago). You've gotta love Beth live!

I've always been a fan of a good soundtrack. We even have a special binder just for my collection of soundtrack cds. Some of my all-time favorites are: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Xanadu, Urban Cowboy and anything Spike Lee.

Summers back in the day were spent at a day camp in the middle of the woods. On those rainy summer days, us "older" girls would hang around teaching each other how to dance. Some of the songs that bring me back to those damp times with the cool kids are Telephone Line/ELO, Dream Weaver/Gary Wright and Seasons in the Sun/Terry Jacks.

I had this hilarious friend, Helen, back in Middle School. She and I were in girlscouts, played basketball and soccer on the same team and were in "like" with these very cute twin boys - Don and Jim - there were one for each of us! We spent a lot of time together and shared a mutual love for the Gong Show - so it is only natural that we started covering Neil Diamond tunes. Our specialty was Love on the Rocks - and, oh!, how we could belt the hell out of that song.

"Suddenly you find you're out there...walking in a storm".

First concert = Scorpions. (Opening acts were Iron Maiden & Girls School).

I would have loved to see KISS as my first concert, but my mother had me convinced that they dispensed drugs in the bathroom. Too risky for a junior high girl who might accidentally put a quarter in the wrong machine or something - so I had to wait til' high school. Coolest thing about the concert was that, after the show, as we were walking toward the "pick up point" (where our folks were waiting for us) - we happened by these crazy limos. You guessed it - YES! - the Scorpions were inside and after some rapping on the windows opened up and shook our hands!!!!!!!!!!!

Fly Like an Eagle/Steve Miller Band

Roller Skating was my life. Before I got my white leather skates with the red wheels - I had some of these (although mine were plastic):

During the summer of 1976 (or was it 77'?), I skated for hours on our back deck - waiting for Fly Like an Eagle to come on so I could practice my routine. That and Blinded Like a Light/Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Although I had both on 45's - I couldn't play them outside and couldn't skate inside. Oh, kids nowadays have no idea!

Elton John/Kiki Dee - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Speaking of Routines. My sister and I had a lively one to this song. Worked out nicely because of the duet. Good times.

True - Spandeau Ballet

Shakey's Pizza - Teen Night - First Dance. Ah yes.

Philadelphia Freedom

This song epitomizes what it felt like to be a kid during the BiCentennial - especially living so close to Philadelphia. Almost like Elton was singing to us - we Pennsylvanians. Makes you want to go run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky and ring the Liberty Bell, doesn't it???

Journey - Escape

Finally, my all-time favorite album during those awkward years. I listened to it every morning before boarding the bus to junior high school. Steve Perry just spoke to my soul...and how I wished that I was Sherrie.


walternatives said...

Oh, I LOVE this post. Funny, Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline) and ELO (Sweet Talkin' Woman) almost made the cut on the sing along c.d.! I love picturing you on rollerskates and teaching the younger campers dance moves, too. My first album (bought with my own $) was Al Green "Call Me;" a friend's older sister influenced our musical tastes that summer.

Donna said...

Love the memories!!! I can identify with so many of them. Of course during my junior high years I lived in So Cal so the Beach Boys were my favorites. My friend Suzy and I had a great water dance routine. Ahhh those were the days.

Ps My first 45 was the Bay City Rollers "I Only Want to be with You"

walternatives said...

p.s. Duh - Neil DID make the cut.

atomic mama said...

When I was little, "Neil Diamond's Best Friend" was on the billing at a local club. Cracks me up to this day...

Fun post!

Joannah said...

Great post! So many of those tunes were part of my childhood, too. I LOVED anything ELO, and Xanadu - haven't thought about that movie in a long time. I spent a lot of time in my fancy white roller skates from Gemco, skating in my next-door neighbors' long driveway. Fun times!

a&mg said...

I love how certain songs can elicit the clearest memories.

I totally had those metal skates that went on over your shoes, too.

Can anyone really live near Philly and NOT run up the art museum steps like Rocky? I think it's a requirement (although Mike never did it and he is born and bred in Pennsylvania, but not near Philly).

Jacquie said...

God, you took me back, too! Your first two right off the bat! The Jackson 5 and Kiss. Aaah... good times.

new girl said...

Oh, wow, the memories. I don't have the memory you do to associate the music with the events, but oh how I remember all those songs. I can't remember the first album, I bought with my own money, but it might have been Chic (le Freak, c'est Chic). Not with my own money -- the Captain and Tenille. My sister and I each insisted on getting our own copy (the album, not the 45!) -- I still remember that they were $3.98 each!

kris said...

Oh my gosh, I SO remember those strap on skates- they barely worked but I thought they were the bomb! And JOURNEY- my first concert- wow did you take me back in time. And Kiss? Always reminds me of my sis- her fav band growing up.

C.J. said...

Oh wow...was that ever a walk down memory lane. 'Dream Weaver'...I've belted that one out a few times ;0)

It's a shocker that it was 30 years ago for Kiss Alive II.

Shandra said...

Love @3. Great one

Jonni & John said...
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Jonni & John said...

Wow, your memories really took me back. Isn't it funny how the kids of today probably don't even know a what a "45" is (or they call it "retro"). I can't wait for you to share all your favorite childhood memories with Buttercup and tell her about the fun times you had as a kid. Things really do come full-circle don't they?


Stacy said...

I had the BIGGEST crush on Steve Perry! I wanted to be Sherry too! My friend and I had ALL of the journey albums between us. We would belt out those songs and look through Teen Beat for pictures of Steve. LOL

Ohhh the days...

Great Memories!! This has been such a fun meme.

Tammy said...

Blast from the past! Funny how music (and for me, smells) can do that.

"Dispensing drugs" at the concert...cracked me up.

Philadelphia Freedom is a Philly's theme song. Saw Elton John several times (at the Phila. spectrum)& there's nothing like Sir Elton singing that live in Philly - he rocked the house.

My first concert was Billy Squire, Def Leppard opened. In high school, I was a huge VanHalen & AC/DC fan - lost some of my hearing at those concerts.

Great post, thanks for the memories!

Jessi said...

Shakey's Pizza. I'd forgotten all about that place.

And the Gong Show? M. and I went to a Halloween party on our first date. Guess who he was? The Unknown Comic.

Shannon S said...

You meet all the cool people! I've gotta find a way to hang out with you! =) I adored the Xanadu soundtrack growing up (dressed my barbie in tissue paper like Olivia's dress!) and now am the proud owner of the cd!
What a fun post!

rubyiscoming said...

GREAT POST - dude, I can TOTALLY belt out Love on the Rocks with you. And pretty much ANY Neil and Barbra duet (yup, I'm a geek because of my parents). I also skated in my garage and would do a "solo skate" while trying to sing ENDLESS LOVE at the top of my lungs with my girlfriends -

Perky said...

Great list -- it really brought back memories!!!! My fist kiss was while Spandau Ballet's True was playing on the hi-fi!!!

Debra Sue said...

You KNOW how I feel about song memories, and these are fantastic! Wow, what a great post!

K said...

Wow, do I remember my first pair of REAL skates, white with red and blue stripes and red wheels that I think were like hardened clay. I wore them out. One day the wheels just fell apart and the ball bearings fell out and then I got the great skates with the polyurethane wheels. I still have a pair! I also still have my blue skating dress from those two dance skating lessons I took.

I had a portable cassette player (precursor to the boom box) and plugged it in in the carport and, yes, Xandu, was one of my favorites to skate to, along with ABBA.

My first skating memory was of the metal strap-ons and I was about 3 or 4. My mom started me at the top of a gentle grade, told me to squat and off I rolled. Trick was that I had to get myself back to the top!

Wanna come over and skate?


Shelly said...

Judging by this post, I think you'd have fun at my blog -- I'm having a karaoke party today (Journey, Shawn Cassidy...) Come on over, bring the Mr. Pibb!