Friday, July 20, 2007

Garden Updates

The weather has been beautiful around here. Not too hot - just the right amount of fog to cool us off. And, a couple of teeny miracle summer showers to nurture the garden.

The flowering quince is doing really well. I think that the key is lots of watering. Duh!

A far cry from last summer's pile of sticks:

This pic was taken in the midst of a really hot July 2006. The poor thing was doomed. Now, every time I visit the new plant, I revel in its vitality. I figure that if I can get it through the summer, it will have established itself well and give us some beautiful blooms in the Spring.

Aren't these sweet peas amazing?

Usually I have a lot of trouble with them - especially with powdery mildew. Again, it isn't as cold and foggy and I think that they are digging it!

Fiddleheads just make me smile.

So sincere & full of promise, they are.

Anticipation. These tomatoes would love a bit of a sun-kiss and some heat. Yum!

Echinacea in full bloom. I am amazed by this plant. Wow.

Weekend bounty. Lotsa chard and beanz!

In honor of our anniversary weekend...a wedding color bouquet. Red & Purple!

So we're off to celebrate a little with some beach, a little champagne and - most definitely - oysters!

I hope that you enjoy your weekend as much as we plan to! XO


new girl said...

The garden looks fantastic! Fiddleheads make me smile too, and I also love the sweet peas.

Your weekend sounds lovely! Unfortunately, I have to work today, so my weekend won't be quite as sweet as yours!

Princess Diaries said...

Have a super week end, enjoyed the peek at your garden. It must bring you so much joy (my garden scares me with all it's weeds and jungle like appearance!)

walternatives said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wzgirl & jzboy! I hope your celebration is as sweet and as joyful as you are, wzgirl! XOXOXO

"M" said...

Impressive! Have a great weekend of celebrating. Congratulations on another year.

Natalee said...

Happy Anniversary! Hopefully, by this time next year, you won't be able to celebrate with just the two of you!

PS: The garden looks GREAT!

Joannah said...

Your garden, as always, is lovely! I have not had time in my yard for months. Sigh...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy!!!

SBird said...

Love the flower shots, and the RED and PURPLE colors...

and, OMG, do we actually share a love of oysters, too???!???? My record in New Orleans was 73. In one sitting. They were only 25 cents apiece, so I was in heaven!

Katie J said...

Beautiful garden. Great nurturing being done in your back yard I see. (My Yoda quote for the day.) Happy Anniversary!

Mamacita said...

Nice pictures. I'd really like to try some purple beans. I have yellow ones to fix for today. I can never get them to taste as good as on the Chinese buffet. Congrats on your anniversary! Did you say how many?

Rhonda said...

I love your garden, I always like looking at the pics.

Happy anniversary to you two!

jk said...

Happy Anniversary! How many years? We just celebrated our 5 year on June 22.

a&mg said...

The garden looks great!

Have a happy anniversary! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

tundrachica said...

Well, that sounds like a pretty good weekend....oysters and all. :)

I love the garden pictures and especially the Echinacea. It looks so happy and standing proud in your garden.

Roll some fog this way...woncha?

Project Ni Hao said...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you two will have a wonderful time.

Love the garden pics. What do you do with the chard?

Nikki & Larry said...

Beautiful flowers, love the sweet peas!

Have a wonderful anniversary weekend. We just celebrated year #1 on July 15th.

Smiles! :o)

Beth and Shayna said...

I love your garden - it is so great! And happy anniversary. I hope you all had a great weekend get-a-way.

Avery's Mom & Dad said...

Happy Anniversary, and as usual your garden looks amazing.

I have this quince candle that I am in love with, and I wonder does that flower smell as good??
Seda France-Japanese Quince.

atomic mama said...

Happy belated anniversary!