Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Nails!

Check em' out! They are like a birthday party on my hands, make me want to bake cupcakes & I LOVE them.

Originally I thought I would go navy blue with white polka dots, but I thought that the lighter shade of blue suited my mood better. Definitely not pink, though, no matter how much the lady tried to convince me. When all was said and done, pretty much everyone at the nail shop wanted to see my wee works of art.

Yeah, I know, I'm weird...but this sort of thing makes me happy. Besides, now that I've become a hand model - I need to keep up with manicures. Actually more of a wrist model, if you want to get technical, but makes for a good excuse for blinging it up at the nail salon.

Here I am modeling one of my latest creations - a Cuff for a Cloudy Day:

I call this one "Grrl Scout". It is actually made from vintage boy scout uniform fabric plus the flashy red compliments that I think take it to the "Grrl" level.

Decorative cuffs are really trendy on etsy right now and I'm having fun trying something new. Cool thing is that I get to continue with my passion for upcycling as I use repurposed fabric in every cuff. A scrap of fabric from an old project here, a salvaged button from a favorite blazer there, a hand-me-down bit of vintage denim here, a little thrifted corduroy there...and so on. What can I say? Its my thing.

Time for a little more show & tell.....I named this one "Election Day".

And this one is "Indian Summer".

One thing that I love about my etsy endeavors is that I can be as creative and quirky as I want. Perhaps this newfound workout of my unique muscles is what gives me permission to paint polka dots on my fingers?

Works for me.

By the way, feel free to click on any of the highlighted titles for more pictures, or if you'd like to drop by my shop. I love visitors. If you are registered with etsy, send me a "heart" by adding me to your favorites. I'd love to know you were there.



You Know Where You Are With said...

I already heart you on etsy. In fact, I aspire to BE you. Someday.

Love the cuffs.

And you're the only person I know who knows the term *steampunk*, which is WAY cool. Actually, your nails are a wee bit *steampunk* I see.

HuluMama said...

Love the cupcake nails!

PIPO said...

Nice mani! I have to adjust my screen, though. I promise you the shade looks green to me here.

You are the crafty one. Your names for things are just perfect. Dead-on descriptors. I also love 'repurposed' as a word. Alas, the cuff thing would not go well in my kind of would quickly be fomite-ish ;0)


Project Ni Hao said...

Love the nails, too!

Red Sand said...

happy birthday, my dear.

Mamacita said...

Very cute nails! A friend of mine got an bright orange french mani this summer. Also very cute. Me? I got rid of my nice fake nails. Now I spend everyday wishing I had them back. Let's just say I won't be a hand model any time soon!
And cuffs? I'm so behind the fashion trends! I know one little 5 3/4 year old who would totally dig a cuff. Today she wore sparkly skinny jeans, grafitti ked-style flats and a stripey shirt. She still has her streaked hair. She's a fashion maven. Me...not so much!

Happy Birthday!

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday!

Love the mani...

Joannah said...

You are so talented! And I love your whimsical nails.

Kayce said...

You are FAR from weird girl! You are wonderful and so very artistic. Off to heart you on Etsy if I haven't already.

jessi said...

Happy birthday, a little late.

Love the cuffs. Love them.

Debra Sue said...

Huzzah! Happy Birthday!

FDChief said...

Well, damn - I thought I'd left a "Happy Birthday" comment and now I see I must have been woolgathering.


Happy Belated Birthday!

I like the nails - not me, exactly - but, then, they're you, not me. Ten thousand years! as the Chinese might say.

Jonni said...

Love your sassy nails and cool cuffs! :)