Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Have I Been Up To???

Here is a glimpse of what has been on my table recently...

Lots of hunting for fabric, designing patterns, cutting and sewing.

What has been on the agenda is (drumroll please): 6 penguins, 10 owls, 8 strawberries, a large bunch of carrots and a slew of tooth fairy pillows. Here is one of the first Strawberry Sweets to roll off of the conveyor belt:

She is also known as Candace and has a very cute brother named Wyatt. Both are up in my etsy shop, so you can visit them (& see more pictures here).

Creating cuteness has been keeping me going these days. I've got some fancy Art Shows booked with the holidays on the horizon and am equally freaked out and absolutely stoked about all of that. If you are curious, here is a link to the Sonoma Artisan Faire where I'll be "vending".

Oy, so now I'm a vendor. That freaks me out completely. Cool thing is that this big show will also include wine tasting. Nice.

Good for the anxious vendor.....and the shopper.

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but there have been stitches to be sewn, out of town visitors to be loved, clients to be soothed and pies to be lattice draped and cooked. My heart is still in this game, but a little distance is what the doctor ordered. Hopefully you understand. I'm immersing myself in color and creativity right now.

Maybe I'm an artist at heart.


PS - Stay tuned for pics of my birthday nails. They RULE!!!!!!!


You Know Where You Are With said...

I love Miss Strawberry! Color and Creativity are good too.

OH MY #6 said...

she is adorable!


Anonymous said...

Super cute. I love the berry gal

Mamacita said...

It does look like you've got a conveyor system going! Good on you! I too like, distance, color and creativity. I hope it all puts your lovely head in the right place! Not that a little vending and drinking wine couldn't help that too! Miss you when you're gone.

P.S. Since I don't seem to have your email, do you remember that I have a PWP blog where you can actually see our faces? And more good stuff that I don't put on the other one? Just in case. I think you're still invited.

walternatives said...

Maybe you're an artist at heart? No maybes about it - YOU ARE! It's a heartfelt joy to think of you at your table, with that rockin' machine, surrounded by love and kitty cuteness, awash in color and corduroy and creativity!

As for being quiet - pffft. Do what you love, what sustains you. I know, firsthand, that you are extremely GOOD at it!

We can hardly wait to see Our Owl AND your birthday nails!

love love love

operationtigerlily said...

Love to see the creative juices flowing!! You have a talent, my friend. I may (a big MAY) be in No Cal that week (Thanksgiving?) and if so I will definitely stop by the craft faire. It sounds delicious.

Take care!

"M" said...

As usual, I am in awe of your work. You ARE an artist. Glad you are doing what you need to right now. We miss you, but am glad you are puttiing your energy to good things.

I had to laugh as I was reading your list of things to be doing and I read that you had "pets" to cook instead of "pies". It took me three tries before I saw the correct word. I was getting a bit worried.... (LOL)

Katie J said...

Lovely. I can feel your happiness and it warms me up on this cool September day. Yay for you!

Kayce said...

Candace is a cutie! Glad to hear from you.

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Sonoma's going to be incredible! I can't wait to meet you in person!

FDChief said...

It's good to hear that you're still going strong. While cute isn't exactly my lane, your creations are fun and colorful and you enjoy creating them, which is as important as anything else about them!

Glad to hear as well (via W) that you all had fun at the get-together your way not so long ago. Hope to see you up here again in Portland someday, too...

PIPO said...

Berry've been a busy one!

OK....waiting for some birthday nails.

You Know Where You Are With said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VirgoSistah!!!

Headmeister said...



I've been out of the loop but a little woodworking birdie told me today's your big day so I just HAD to stop by and give you a virtual squeeze!