Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh My Gosh Its Been Nearly a Month!

Wow. Time flies sometimes.

Tomorrow marks a month since my last post & that is a new record for me. If you haven't heard from me it is because I've been been saving up my Bloglines connections for catch up in a big swoop. Marathon style. Like back to back Amazing Race or Real World episodes...but you know the players. That was my plan, at least, but now I am overwhelmed. At this point, I have some blogs with 32 posts to catch up on (Chief!) and some with 21 (Mamacita!) and a few others that I'm just too embarrassed to admit.

I kinda don't know how I'll catch up. But, I'll do my best.

The reason for my absence from the adoption/blog slice of cyber space is for a lot of little and big reasons. Too many to list, and that would mean more writing than I really have time to do right now.

I have been writing, though, just not about myself. Here is one place where I've been spending a lot of my creative time:

Click here to get to the site....

I'm still not sure why I thought I should volunteer for a Promotional Team on etsy - but I did. And, I've been loving it! Go ahead and click on the above link & see our work. A lot of the writing that went into the category blurbs was mine. This week I am also in charge of changing the artwork on the front page on a daily basis.

Its been fun. I get to play with color and pretend that I'm all advertiser-ish. I've also made some new friends and have learned a lot in the process. Here is a blog link to one of the primary peeps on our California Promo Committee:

Please go visit this link - you just might win a very cool pendant handmade by the Crafty Wren! Wren is giving one away EVERY DAY for the rest of this month! I've already purchased 2 of her pendants & won one last week for playing along...they are beautiful keepsakes. Feeling lucky? Leave Wrenay a comment & try to win today!

What else? Oh, I don't know. A lot of sewing. I'm getting ready to work a pretty cool show up in Sonoma, so I'm up to my elbows in plush owls. Here's proof:

Etsy has been good to me. It has provided a much needed distraction and some very cool validation for my efforts. Creating is cool and I've met some really talented and nice people. Truth be told, though? I'd walk away from all of it in a heartbeat if I knew when it would be my turn to go to China. I'd pack up my thread, my bobbins, my growing button collection. You'd prob. find me hanging out chitter-chattering in Yahoo groups or on my blog, if I knew that motherhood was on the horizon. Damn straight.

Until then.......

This is what fills the crib this season:

Its better than old boxes and clothes for donation. I figure that something cute and future oriented is a better bit of energy for the crib.

More later. Gotta go put my goggles back on and get back to work. This is on my Christmas list:

More later, there are some other fun things to share.


rubyiscoming said...

I seriously want to be you when I grow up.

I can't even darn a sock. I just buy new ones.

you rock, friend :)

Anonymous said...

I like the filled up crib. Looks like fun.

walternatives said...

There you are! It's delightful to see what you've been up to. I've missed you. Good luck with the Sonoma show!

Joannah said...

I'm so glad that you've found a creative way to pass the time. It looks like you're having a lot of fun with it.

Katie J said...

So lovely to "see" you again! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. You are doing wonderful things and it's great to see you on such a creative high.

My word verification for this post is "konsert" which makes me wonder if you're going to any music events or if you have any to tell us about. I live vicariously through you for konserts.

J said...

have missed you, and glad you are being creative(as usual) and keeping yourself distracted. Can't wait to hear how the Sonoma show goes for you:)

I am off to check out your writing for ETSY!!!

big hugs, and I think of you everyday friend:)

HuluMama said...

So my one entry since you last posted hasn't overwhelmed you???!! Glad you are busy and doing well my friend!

Debra Sue said...

Good to see you're still with the land of the living. I was wondering when you were going to poke your nose out of the batting and fabric.

Looks like you're having fun. The owls are to die for!

Mamacita said...

Girl! You are a full on energy filled sewing machine. I'm so glad you've found something so wonderfully creative and productive to occupy you during this infernal wait!

MCC= Medical Condition Checklist...for the Waiting Child program.

Kayce said...

It is so nice to hear from you! It looks like you are keeping yourself good and busy...that is good. I'm now off to check out the links.

Shannon said...

I love that the crib is full of your creations. Your time to drop all and fill the crib instead with travel items for China will come. Then you will *finally* drop all and place your beautiful daughter in the crib that supported you through the wait. =)

FDChief said...

Hey, good to hear from you again!

It seems as tho we should trade places. We're up to our ass in kidlets with no time to do the fun stuff we'd like to be doing. And you're doing lots of fun, crafty stuff and would rather be up to your...let's say "knees" with mommy business. Maybe ours will get bigger and yours will turn up and we'll all get out wish.

Then we can go to Disneyland...

Stop around the blog sometimes; I missed'cha and it's always good to hear from you.


PIPO said...

Glad you're keeping yourself busy in such creative and fun ways!

So good to see you here again :0)