Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bento Babe

I'll be honest, I haven't been hanging around these parts for a while. A long while. My heart told me that distance from the blog/cyber/adoption world was a good idea. And, I think that has been true.

A week or so ago, however, I happened upon one of the "OG" Bloggers MaryMia and her "Salsa in China" blog. It was a take your hat off and stay a while moment. I paged through and hung out reading up on her adventures with her adorable twin girls. I missed her and missed the community.

M3 sure has a lot of fun with mommying, blogging and photographing. She's even been named a winning "Mommy Blogger" by Scholastic - how cool is that? I was particularly taken with her photo journaling of lunchtime around the Salsa Home in the form of Bento Boxes, twin style (click here to see her fantastic flickr collection). Brilliant. And, yes, I wanted a part of that action. Just a little piece of the cuteness.

There just so happens to be a Daiso shop nearly walking distance from where I work. They had a full- on Bento Box section that was easy to navigate but difficult to leave. The colors and the cute wee shapes just pulled me in. Here is my starter pack:

My excuse for buying these toys? Easy. I promised to help my sister entertain/occupy her one year old and nearly 3 year old during their father's lengthy graduation ceremony. I brought crayons and little toys.

But the Bento Boxies definitely stole the show. And, I think, saved us from a simmering and likely meltdown.

My proudest moment? They ate the tofu!


Score one more point for Auntie!! (Maybe two?)


HuluMama said...

They even ate tofu!! Awesome.

HuluMama said...

PS I think 3 Auntie points

isepa said...

Cool! I was wondering where I could get stuff like that. Mind getting me some stuff, I'll pay you back!!

Project Ni Hao said...

I love her Bento pictures too - thinking of starting down that route with ZZ starting full-day school next year. He already eats the small bites - I just don't have the cute boxes yet!

And yes - big, big points for Auntie!

M3 said...

Hey you did GREAT!! Wanna come over and help me pack up a few bento lunches? We'll pay you with all the edamame and strawberries you can eat (the girls' faves right now). :-)

PS: What's an OG Blogger? Is it a good thing or a bad thing. Dying of curiosity.

Kayce said...

I love that they ate tofu!!! I really need to get on the bento bandwagon! Your bento looks great.

Mamacita said...

Lina's lunches get packed into this cute little Bento.


Great Auntie Points. You might pack them for yourself!

atomic mama said...

Last post? This post? You rock. xxx

FDChief said...

Good to se eyou up and posting again, even if it had to take the Salsa kidlets to do it. Aren't they fun?

I love these little bento boxes. I need to find some for the little peeps.

kris said...

score on the boxes and SCORE on them eating tofu!! you rock buttercup! we are big tofu eaters in this house :O) and i need some bento boxes- need to search on line.

Shannon said...

Big time points! =) The lunches look delish. You are so very creative and here is another venue for you to shine in! So jealous about the store nearby- we so need to move! =)