Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a Maker

Yeah, baby...I'm a Maker.

So this is what I've been really, really up to. Preparing for the Maker Faire, San Mateo 2009.



I've always had it in me. A desire to create, to be creative. Didn't always matter about what. Cooking, sculpting, sewing, painting, cutting, sprouting, writing. For me, it was and is all about making something. About putting what I have in my thoughts and heart on the outside. Sharing. Creating.


So, when one of my bestest friends called me "crafty" and I cringed, I needed to know why. And, when I joined an etsy group and someone called me an artist and I felt like an imposter - I had to take a closer look. Where do I fit in?...I asked myself...and I still do. Where does someone like me without any art school experience or commercial endeavors fit in?

My work and what has come out of me over this past year is more than "crafty" to me. The fact that I have managed to sell and send my creations worldwide is an amazing adventure that tickles me to death. And, an endeavor that I think has kept me sane. For now, I would like to call myself a Maker. It works for me and it feels pretty sweet.

Somehow I feel a wee part of a greater movement that is changing our world. I didn't mean to do that but am happy to have gotten caught in the undertow....

If you are in town, please come by to visit. Reduced price tickets at Radio Shack...and kids under age 3 are FREE!!!!!

I'd LOVE to see you!



MaidofClay said...

Love that term, a "Maker". I think I'll use that from now on :-)

Wish I lived in the Bay Area, I'd love to come out to support you guys. Hope that you have lots of fun and sales.

MB said...

I know your handmade wonderful will fly away into new homes with great joy!
Have a wonderful time Wonderful W!!

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Girlfriend, I'm going to hunt you down on Saturday so we can finally meet in person! :D I'm not selling, but will be buying!

I like Maker sooo much more than crafter. You're on to something there. And guess what? Not every person with a BFA, MFA, artist-in-residence or special fellowship are really artists. An artist creates something that evokes an emotion. You do that every single day! You are an artist, my friend.

One I can't wait to meet!!! xo

AlliesAdornments said...

Saw a stand-up comedian who said that "nice people make stuff. You're not gonna have a coked up stripper ask 'So can I knit you a sweater?'"
And it's true.
Wishing you tons of sales! CU there!

HuluMama said...

I so wish I could come see you!! Best wishes!

M said...

If I lived out there I'd spree at your booth for sure - love you owls!

Bella said...

See you there!

Ann said...

Have a terrific time at Maker. I really like the blog. Wish I could be there to meet in person. I know you will do fabulous!

Tresijas said...

I wish I could be there! Your little owls will be flying the coop left and right :D

Project Ni Hao said...

Wishing you lots of fun and success - wish I could be there!!

Joannah said...

You are one creative lady! I love your stuff and I wish you much success.

Beeb said...

Best of luck at the show. hope you sell out!
(my word verfication is "reste" - which is what I need to do :))

isepa said...

How'd it go, how'd it go, how'd it go?????

Jen said...

I'm always amazed at your creative gifts. I'm sure the show was a "hit." And, I miss you. I know things have been tough with this ridiculous wait but you're busting out some amazingly beautiful creations in the meantime. I'm thinking of you often.