Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ten Reasons Why I ((Heart)) Terry Gross

Terry Gross is the NPR Queen

1. She has met (& subsequently kicked the ass of) Gene Simmons.
2. She looks NOTHING like her voice sounds
(my apologies to those who haven't seen her pic, yet).
3. Her familiar, frequent and very genuine little laugh.
4. She inspires me to read stuff I'd normally pass by.
5. Her interview with Joan Didion made me cry.
6. She manages to find a way to relate to anyone - from Jerry Lewis to Jim Jarmusch... John Updike to Miss Manners...Nancy Reagan to Lou Reed. Terry Schiavo's husband.....Neil Young, too.
And, let us not forget - Dennis Hopper...hmmkay??
7. She finds a way to make her interviews with such diverse people to be equally important & relevant.
8. She is one Tough Cookie.
9. She makes my commute after a very long day of work....tolerable.

10. Because she is an absolute Mensch.

Did you know that most of Terry Gross' guests were not in the studio while she was interviewing them? She usually interviews via Satellite! Wow!! And, did you know that she refers to herself as a "coward"?? What? Why???? And, did you know that Terry Gross is only 5 feet tall? Didja know that she is married to a guy named Francis Davis, a jazz critic for the Village Voice?

Pretty cool lady - in so many very interesting ways.



Kathy and Joel said...

Very cool! I have never heard of her, but have read Joan Didion's work (Year of Magical Thinking)and cried through most of it.

new girl said...

She really is the best interviewer around. Unforunately, she's almost never on at a time when I can listen to the radio, but my husband loves her. And I had seen a pic before -- what a surprise, huh? Oh, and by the way, I am so impressed by your quilting!!

rubyiscoming said...

GRIN - I am in the Terry Gross fan club, too - I even have a "Fresh Air" coffee cup. Maybe we should get shirts that say "Terry Gross for President '08" :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Dennis Hopper, old news I know, but I STILL haven't recovered from learning that he's a Bush-supporting Republican...

new girl said...

I just reread my comment and realized it could read as if I was being sarcastic about the fact that I had seen the pic before! I hope it's clear that I meant I was surprised to see that she looks nothing like her voice sounds too!

Jonni said...

I love the way she says her name. She is definitely one cool chick. I also LOVE Car Talk on NPR.

Jacquie said...

Totally had to be nosy and check out your blog and your soundtrack....... love it by the way!

Anonymous said...

I think she rocks!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like one cool lady!

PS: Borat was HILARIOUS!! Everyone in the theatre was laughing their pants off, and Jake was having to wipe away tears. However, there are some gross (but funny) parts, so be forwarned. Also, he makes alot of anti-semite jokes, but since
A)it's apart of the character and
B)IRL he's Jewish
I can overlook it.

PS: On a random related note, I had a dream that I was on "A Prairie Home Companion" last night. Weird, huh?

MBmama said...

I love when I'm able to catch her - which is rare, but I agree she's awesome - and I've learned a lot about her today...
She really doesn't look like her voice sounds!

Donna said...

I used to be a news reporter for an NPR station and have met Terry several times...she is one of the SHYEST people you will ever meet, which makes her choice of profession interesting. You're right...she is one of the most brilliant interviewers around (except for the time Gene Simmons was on her show - what a DISASTER!!!)

Kelli said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Terri Gross!! I love listening to her on NPR!!! She has such a great interview style- and seriously, this woman can interview ANYONE. it's amazing. (Okay being an NPR addict it's hard to miss her...) Thanks for all the fun facts!!