Sunday, April 22, 2007

Green Day

It was Earth Day and I got exactly what I asked for....


Thank you Mother Nature.

And, thanks to everyone that sent me Get Well wishes. I really think that they helped because I had the energy and desire to get outside today. It rained early this morning and that made for a perfect sunny afternoon to play around in the garden. Ideal way to spend Earth Day, I must say.

Over Spring Break I took a few days off to plant my veggie garden and commune with the backyard. I really felt that the Universe was thanking me for doing so because the week or so following my dirty work - it rained upon our little corner of the world exactly FOUR times. That is unheard of here in sunny California. A lot of people around here curse the raindrops - but I welcome and revel in the showering. It has been a very dry winter and we need all the precipitation that we can get.

Look at how happy the veggie garden is today:

What do you think about the fancy new fence I created? I love it & it keeps the neighbor cats from using it in the wrong way.

Here are the foxgloves in all of their glory:

Don't you just love perennials? These were a huge surprise for me this year as they really whimped out last year.

Here are my fave peach roses showing their color.

Does anyone remember about a year ago when Millicent over at Different Dirt asked "What was your First Pink"?? A bunch of us in the China Adoption blog community shared what was the first thing that we bought for our daughters as we began our wait. Well, my "First Pink" was a Flowering Quince - a lovely bush with peachy pink blooms. I planted it under my daughter's window on Mother's Day last year. That day ended up being our Log In Date with the CCAA.

Well, I'm sorry to say, it didn't make it.

The pile of sticks right behind the orange poppy - yup - that is/was the poor thing. I hoped that it would come back this Spring, but the guy at the nursery told me that if there weren't any leaves on it that it was dead. He gave me the news right after telling me that the Flowering Quince is, actually, nearly impossible to kill.

Let's try not to read too much into this one, ok?

My solution?

I bought another one. This time - it is RED. This is how it should look when it blooms:

This puppy is going to make it. Mark. My. Words.

In honor of Earth Day, and as a special gift to ourselves we bought a new plant for the yard. It is a viburnum and has these nice white clustering blooms in the Spring. Here it is in its new home:

I dipped into my "Baby Fund" for this one. Over the past year and a half I've been cashing and stashing my BDay & XMas checks away for something cool like an Ergo baby carrier, a sweet diaper bag or some special nursery bedding. Screw that. Obtaining that bootie is so far off that I just want to use the $$ for my outdoor nursery. Jzboy reminded me that the Viburnum is for BabyZ in a way. She will enjoy it someday, too.

I hope that everyone had an excellent Earth Day - one that was nurturing, energizing and Green.


Kelli said...

I just love all your garden pics!! Looks like your garden is off and running! Mine still needs to be weeded, but I just got the big old 7 yard dump of compost yesterday so it's on it's way! Thanks for all the wonderful spring flower pics! I'm waiting for my foxglove to bloom....maybe another week or two....!

Stacy said...

That is the coolest garden fence I have ever seen.

So sorry about the quince. The red one is going to be great! I love the peach roses. I can't believe you have rose buds already. We are a few weeks away from that.

Michele and Chuck said...

It is still way too wet in our yard to venture there. We'd sink. I love to chekc out your garden and dream of mine. We can't plant here in NY for about another 3 weeks. What type of rose is the peach one? Floribunda? I need to plant a few new ones this year and I'm looking for ideas. Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Kayce said...

LOVE the fence!! I am just now getting into's one of the things I wanted to do while we waited for our daughter, now I love it! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Doris & Dan said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Looking at those beautiful flowers would def. raise the spirits and help anyone to feel better. Great job!

Keep smilin!

a&mg said...

I love the garden pics! Sorry about the quince, though. The new one looks like it will be a beauty!

Glad you are feeling better!

atomic mama said...

The first thing I thought when I saw that photo, before I finished reading your text, was "Hey, I'm gonna have to ask her about the fence - it's great!" Nice job. Everything looks lovely.

Krista said...

Beautiful garden. I love the foxglove. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Made in China said...

Wow, what great pictures! You garden looks like an oasis.

Barb said...

Beautiful garden! things are just starting to come alive around here and it feels great! Spring is my favo time of year.
I love the idea of planting something for buttercup each year.
Glad you're recovering.

tundrachica said...

I love your garden. we spent time in our yard this weekend as well but our yard is a "new" yard and we still need to get it leveled. I can't wait to get to the gardening part. :) You inspire me.

Millicent said...

I'm sorry to hear about that quince..but the red one is going to be wonderful and vibrant. And what a beautiful garden. Inspirational.

C.J. said...

Wow, I love your garden. I only wish my thumb weren't black as tar.

Beautious job, woman!

Natalee said...

*Sigh* Garden Envy!!

Truly, it's a lovely sight to see :) !!

secret agent said...

The fence looks awesome.
I --actually DH just built our very first ever garden..
last year we tried tomatoes in a big planter... didn't work out so well.
We actually composted our horse manure and used it and build a bed.. I have tomatoes, onions, lettuce, squash and herbs growing.
It's so cool.
I love tomato onion salad (Italian here)
We lost a couple due to our recent "out of the blue" freeze
but the rest are actually doing pretty well.

This frost made the majority of our blooming trees and azaleas loose their bloom--leaves all dried up and dead looking again...
When this happens will they rebloom??? please say yes...

rubyiscoming said...

ahhh, rain - i love the smell and the beauty it brings!

your garden looks lovely.

kris said...

I would PAY you to come help me with my weedfest... I get so depressed looking at my... weeds.
They're everywhere.


Jonni said...

Your garden is just beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about the quince. Your new flower is gorgeous though.

How ironic that you mentioned the Ergo Baby Carrier. I bought one for Sofia about 4 mos. ago and can't wait to use it. I think it is one of the best baby carriers out there and I can already tell I am going to really like it. I hope you are enjoying your garden. The money spent on it is well worth it as long as it makes you happy.:)


Princess Diaries said...

Your garden is gorgeous and so are the photos! Happy Earth Day.

cavatica said...

Beautiful flowers!

zgirl said...

This is off topic, but I just wanted to tell you that I that love the backdrop of your blog.

jk said...

I love the fence!

Shandra said...

Love the flowers. I have been working in my flower beds all day. My back hurts!

Carolyn said...

I am SO jealous!! We're just getting our little purple crocuses opening up. Nothing else dares raise its head! I love your garden.

Drea said...

love the foxgloves! Here in Canada, I am just waiting for them to START growing! how sad is that!