Sunday, August 13, 2006

First Flower

My buddy Millicent wrote recently about a very special purchase she made for the daughter she's waiting to adopt from China. She called it "First Tartan". Another friend of mine, Laura, wrote today about how exciting it is to have girly clothing waiting for the daughter she will be adopting from Russia. Millicent would refer to this as "First Pink" - the novelty of acquiring pretty, pink stuff for daughters-to-be after parenting a boy.

No matter what you call it, these firsts are so symbolic and poignant for us waiting parents. We thought that it would be fun to share them as a group. Please check here if you'd like to join in the fun....

For me, it is "First Flower". I bought and planted this Flowering Quince on Mother's Day right under buttercup's bedroom window. Pretty cool when we found out later that Mother's Day was our LID! I wanted to plant something beautiful for our daughter, something that we would take care of & watch grow during our wait. The Flowering Quince is one of the first to bloom in the Spring - so, here in the Bay Area, that means Chinese New Year!

I am sad to report that this is how it currently looks:

I think that the heat wave we had really did a number on the poor thing. I am very optimistic, though. I know that it is alive. This wee bush has bloomed TWICE since May! Even though today she looks like a bunch of twigs - I am sure that this is one trooper of a plant & that she will look amazing next Spring. is a pic of my first clothing purchase. I bought it right after our agency accepted us & we began our paperchase. Isn't it a perfect match with the Quince?

Someday I'll snap a pic of little b-cup wearing this dress in front of the blooming bush.

Sooner than later, I hope.


Connie said...

OMG the flowers are stunning..and the second picture well, you are a better woman than I if you can get them blooming again. I kill every chlorophyll-containing life form I touch!

Love the dress an am gonna check out the link.

I'm still waiting for an addy to send your detective prize waiting on my desk. ;0) Eamil me!

Hey, I wanna operate on your header thing that you asked about too so I'll tell you more about that in email.

Have a good 'un!

Katie J said...

The flowers are gorgeous and I must confess that Buttons has that same dress! Great minds think alike. Congrats on getting your "First Pinks"!

Millicent said...

I think that planting something lovely and flowering is such a wonderful way to commemorate your hopes and dreams for a child.

And I think it'll live. Water, water, water, eh? And if it doesn't? Well, go get the same wee quince and try again in the fall. It'll be just fine.

...and I couldn't help but notice the little ceramic figurine in the corner of the picture. Very sweet.

Laura said...

Oh no Wendy! That beautiful Quince! I hope it makes it. Do you have a Wisteria out back? The photo you took of the beautiful dress, looks like it is hanging on the same vine that I took my pink outfits on, at my house, which is a Wisteria.

MBmama said...

That is beautiful!
Planting life on Mother's day - your LID no less. What a beautiful sentiment.

Stacy said...

What a beutiful plant, and it WILL be again! I love that dress. It is so adorable!! I'm sure it will be a lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea. We are planning on planting a fruit tree in our yard for our daughter's birthday every year. Granted, we may need to live somwhere that a tree can actually grow. BTW- very cute dress there.

Colleen said...

I know that Quince will be inspired to come back and be beautiful again. (And if not, well replace that sucker and no one is the wiser!)

Love the dress.