Saturday, October 13, 2007


Hoo Boy! I realize that my last post was a serious bummer - Thursday was a banner-day of a commute & I was waxing frustrated. This week was actually pretty good with the exception of a bad cold and bad traffic. Here are some of the really, really! excellent things that made me smile this week.

My local AP friend (& former Secret Pal), Jen and her husband's referral news came this week! They are now the proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl from Ethiopia named Amara. I went to 6 different places Friday in search of a fine bottle of Tej...finally finding one in a random liquor store on Telegraph Avenue owned by a very nice man from Ethiopia. Now, I know where to find all manner of roots, goat meats, malt & incense - sweet!

I saw this movie & it was nice. There were some hilarious moments that got the whole theatre hootin' & hollerin'. Love that. Great strong woman vibe and positive message. Thumbs up.

The Genesis show on Tuesday was a dream come true. Phil Collins and Chester Thompson played an incredible Drum Duet that was mesmerizing. The band played some seriously old skool stuff (a couple that I didn't even recognize) and some stuff I could have lived without hearing (read: We Can't Dance). Oh well, nobodys perfect. It was a great evening and considering that we bought our tickets in March - we were more than stoked to have finally gotten to see them!

Getting carded at the Genesis Show was awesome, too. Yes, I kid you not.

Kneesock weather is upon us.

Two sick days from work enabled me to catch up on DVR'd Oprah. BTW, did anyone else see the Alexis Stewart (as in, Martha Stewart's Daughter) Infertility one? I wondered if Oprah would ever do an episode on IF - all these years that I've watched Oprah, and this was the first show I'd seen her cover the issue. I've always wondered about that. Anyway, since I'm musing, I wonder if she'll do an update on China Adoption as well - sure has changed a lot since her last foray into that topic.

Jzboy winterized our furnace - and I transitioned from cotton to flannel in the Duvet department. We're nice and cozy around here. Iris is happy about that, too! (Iris is actually sitting on the beginnings of a pillow case - the project got stalled out with our recently busy weekends).

It is knitting season & I finished TWO projects last week during my 2-day manditory training in Motivational Interviewing. A cozy, wee raspberry and an extremely soft earflap hat. The picture doesn't do the awesomeness of the colors justice, sorry (its #129, if you go to the link, btw).

Last but not least....Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


Lili & Robin said...

loved your Up-Beat post!! I had a pumpkin spice late last week: delish.

I never miss my DVRd Oprahs. I thought it was a great interview. Liked what Alexis said - 'it is not true that women can wait as long as they want to have a baby.' Also, glad they disclosed the $28,000 montly cost. Very realistic. It is about time! I feel like a downer when I constantly remind my friends ...'your fertility starts to decline in your late 20s!'


Cavatica said...

Glad to hear you're up to an upbeat post. Love your knitting and I'm going to have to try that pumpkin latte!

Tammy said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. You're entitled to a bad post - especially since you're always so positive.

I missed that Oprah show.

Your knitting is adorable - between you & KatieJ (Maylee Beezir) I'm getting the urge to learn. Your projects are always so darn cute.

Mmmmmmm, pumpkin latte. Love spiced warm drinks in the fall. Very comforting.

SBird said...

I love how you bring all these vibrant disparate patches together into a single whole're post-quilting, you know!

Katie J said...

Glad things are looking up for you, but you do know you don't always have to put on happy face, ok? We're your buds out here, ya know? We luv ya warts and all!

Great lookin' knits, btw.

amy said...

Great post! I wish I had watched oprah!!! Sounds like something I should have seen!

Janet said...

Pumpkin spice lattes sound realllly good. Except I hate lattes. But I would love to just smell it....ahhh.....

Beeb said...

I'm still in the dark ages and tape Oprah on VCR. I haven't watch this past weeks yet, but they're slated for today with some lace knitting!

I love the little hats..sooo cute. and that yarn is beautiful. It would be great for a clapotis too.

I can't wait to finish my lace stole so I can start on some red velvet!

Shannon said...

What a week! I'm happily exhausted just reading about it! Another sweet hats! Kneesocks do not flatter my huge calves-bummer! Love how you found some Ethiopian drink to celebrate with your friends. You are awesome. =)

lisa said...

Love the colorway in the earflap hat-I haven't made one of those, but am suddenly thinking it might be a good stash yarn project!
Like the idea of the Ethiopian shop. I have good friends who brought home a beautiful son in July, and I always look for Ethiopian resources for them, but never thought of the celebratory drink idea. ~lmc

Alyson & Ford said...

We love Phil Collins - glad he's still out there wowing everyone. Pumpkin Latte? I will want to try that one! DH will pass (he's not into any flavoring in his coffee except cream).

Loved reading your blog for the first time.

LID 01/27/06

Rhonda said...

I SO envy you that you got to see Genesis in concert...and to be carded no less. ;)

I missed that particular Oprah show, though I have to admit I don't watch it on a regular basis. I can't exactly say that I'm a fan.

Love, love, LOVE the knitt-y goodness. :)

Avery's Mom & Dad said...

I love that rasberry!!! It is really, really cute, and will look so good with black hair:)
The Alexis Stewart thing was interesting....especially the part about her spending upwards of $28,000 a month. Makes what we spent just a drop in the bucket.
I am just glad that it will be cold enough here soon that I can switch from cold to hot beverages. I love the pumpkin spice and Chai Tea.
Glad your feeling more upbeat....can you send some my way?

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

Shoot - I should have tried the pumpkin spice while I was in the land of fancy coffee. Missed my opportunity! Not sure we need Oprah to do any more damage - didn't she partly cause the huge line-ups we're in or am I being too simplistic?

Carolyn said...

Very nice work! I'm a knitter, too. Although a slow one. Afghans take me about a decade on average. Right now, I have a child's sweater project (in the works for about 2 years), a Harry Potter scarf (only been knitting since July), and a pair of socks that stalled about a year ago, halfway through the second sock.
My oldest daughter had a similar strawberry hat and matching sweater. I LOVED it. She hated the hat. Sigh. But at least someone else knit it or it would have broken my heart!

lynne b said...

You and I are managing the wait exactly the same way - I've just finished a pumpkin and an eggplant hat! Love that raspberry - I'll have to do that one next. (I did the strawberry a year ago.) At the rate this line is moving, I'm planning on a full complement of fruits for our little one!

Lisa M. said...

Have you seen the latest trend of knee socks and stilettos? The girl at my Optomologists office was wearing this combo and I have to say it was actually cute. Your knitting is amazing. I must pick up my needles soon, they are calling me.
I am waiting for the Dulche de Leche Latte to come back. I will have to try the pumpkin spice in the meantime.

Jen said...

Could you believe how much Alexis Stewart spends per month? Outrageous...oh to be rich! Yikes. She struck me as a little weird on top of it all. Anyway....

Love the photo of ms. kitty. So glad your Genesis show finally arrived and was fabulous! And, like you, I love the time of year when the pumpkin lattes are back. Yummy!