Friday, August 08, 2008


This day carries many a mixed feeling. And, deserves its own treat. So I bought these:

They were made by a very cool, energetic, edgy, interesting glass artist that I've gotten to know on etsy. Her shop is called Combustion Glassworks - and her nickname is "TNT". She and I are in the same California Crafting Club Street Team and I've collected a few pair of her earrings and this beautiful pendant:

Yeah, I've always been a girl that brakes for rainbows. Ask my Mom.

When I saw the red-hot, super shiny, celebratory dangle earrings in TNT's shop - named "Shanghai" - of course I needed to have them for today. They make me feel a little extra happy & that's a good thing. Maybe some dumplings could help too? And, a little Turnip Cake.

So how many days 'til the next batch of referrals come out?

For your Retail Therapy Pleasure - Here is a link to Combustion Glassworks Shop. Hope this post finds you enjoying the beginning to a really great weekend. xo


Johnny said...

Ahhh, Turmip Cake. I [heart] your taste buds.

It's one of the few things I can speak natively:


(had some last weekend, in fact!)

atomic mama said...

What Johnny said. But double.

Love your Shanghais!


Joannah said...

Cute jewelry! Love the earrings.

I've never tried turnip cake, but it looks good.


Katie J said...

I <3 you and am thinking of you in your new dangle-y earrings.

PIPO said...

Downright purdy ear bling!

Never made acquaintance with turnip cake...I'm curious.

Shannon said...

Ah retail therapy time. Yes indeedy. Never tried the turnip cake. I'll be on the lookout but for now...choccies will have to do. Beautiful jewelry, BTW.

walternatives said...

Of course you needed to have those danglies. Absolutely. Here's to feeling a little extra happy. xo

OH MY #6 said...

beautiful, really beautiful.


FDChief said...

Wouldn't work with my coloring, but lovely, nonetheless.

Hope the pretty and tasty diversion helped.