Friday, January 12, 2007


A - available or taken: As far as the CCAA is concerned...I'm available. Regarding love/marriage/romance: I'm taken.

B - best friend: jzboy

C - cake or pie: Pecan Pie

D - drink of choice: Nice, hearty red wine. Non-fat latte. PGTips w/ milk & sugar. Yamamotoyama Genmaicha Tea. Water.

E - essential item you use everyday: Contacts. HondaCRV. Computer. DVR. Chapstick. Itunes. Water.

F - favorite color: RED...the old fashioned, 40's-esque-kitchen/apron/barn-shade-of-red.

G - gummy bears or worms: ONLY the German HARIBO Gummi Bears - the green ones are ok, too.

H - hometown: "All over". (Try to explain that on your homestudy)

I - indulgence: fabric stores. lattes. cookies. sewing. vino. time with my neice.

J - January or February: Both. I love New Years. And, I love Valentines Day.

K - kid's names: Iris, Cleo & Willie. Those are the furbabies.
Baby girl??? Well...that is a bit under wraps at the moment.

L - life incomplete without: jzboy...for sure. Mom/Dad/Sister/babyneice, too...

M - marriage date: July 1999.

N - number of siblings: One.

O - oranges or apples: Blood Oranges. Apples in Tarte Tatin...fa' shizzle.

P - phobias or fears: Yes.

Q - favorite quote: Too many to list. Anything by significant, strong women who have endured more than I could imagine.

R - reason to smile: Sunshine. Sunsets - especially in Mexico. Furbaby Iris. Plans with jzboy. A clean house.

S - season: Autumn, for sure.

T - tag 4 people: I think that everyone else has done this one. If you have not - then, please have at it....

U - unknown fact about me: I collect dishtowels. I love to wrap gifts. I could eat broccoli everyday. I met Nicolas Cage

V - veggie I don't like: Lima Beans. Frozen peas. Canned peas. Bitter lettuces.

W - worst habit: Worrying about stuff I have no control over.

X - xrays: Teeth, female parts...Multiple times. Head...once...after a major car accident.

Y - your favorite food: Sushi. Broccoli. Fresh summer corn/tomatoes/lettuces/peas/anything with summer freshness.

Z - zodiac: Virgo-on-the-cusp-of-Libra/Ram-Chinese


Anonymous said...

I have the same worst habit, which doesn't help much during this long wait!

I am so not good at wrapping presents--since you love it, I will call you next Christmas:)

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Ok, I am SO with you on the nice hearty glass of red wine. Mmmmmm. But nut pie?!!! Rod loves that stuff too, but ewwwwww. If it's not made out of chocolate or fruit, well shoot, it's just not pie in my book. *grin*

Connie said...

Me loves broccoli too :0)

As for the pie, I'm with M3. That's why I don't usually risk it and stay with cake to assure some chocky ;0)

Anonymous said...

can you show us a picture of the dishtowel collection?

Katie J said...

I'm a sucker for fame stories. How didya meet Nicolas Cage?

Anonymous said...

I love pecan pie and tarte tartin, too! Counting points has made me food obssessed!

Jonni said...

I enjoyed reading your anwers. You met Nicholas Cage??? How cool!


Anonymous said...

Worring? Aren't we all guilty of that one! :). I hate peas also. Now that I have kids I have to make them. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Haribo macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso.

walternatives said...

Do you speak German, W? I'm wondering about the comment which precedes mine. Dishtowels, eh? Let me guess - same era as your favorite color. Printed or embroidered or both? Now, I'm intriqued!

CA Momma said...

Once I got to the Pecan Pie I could go no further, drool on the keyboard is hampering my typing.