Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Someone Pass the Tardy Sauce...

Sorry Secret Pal. I'm really sorry. I forgot to thank you for the lovely December gifts. And, here you've already sent along such great January gifts - I feel like such a heel.

Please accept my apologies.

Check em' out.

Our pal sent us this really great Horse & Kitty plaything - we think that it seems like something that would be great for the car. It jingles and crunches - and, it is the prettiest shade of blue!! There's also a killer Einstein teething ring that I intend to put in the fridge as soon as I wash it. If you look a little closer, you'll see another level of cozy-cute. Our pal sent us our FIRST set of piggy-jam-jams. Yes, pjs! They are so cozy that we had to bust them out of the package to test for ourselves. Verrrrry soft - and with feet! Awesome!

Iris was laying on the piggy-jam-jams but I missed the shot. Here she is cuddling in the crunchy wrapping paper. (In the right hand corner of this pic you'll see the dangling feet of the pjs).

BTW, out of curiosity....how long do we keep this up...this Secret Pal thing. Do we just keep going until the end of time? What if people forget amidst the delirium of the incredible extending wait time? Do we end when we thought we would eventually have our referrals? If so, will there be post-swap-pre-referral-depression as a result? Imagine the slump. Or, could it actually come as a relief of sorts - take the pressure off of the monthly got-to-find-a-unique-and-thoughtful-gift-that-tops-last-months??

What is a DTC group to do??


Connie said...

Good stuff...as I recall I think you like those teething rings!

My Feb DTC group is outing itself this month and calling it a done-deal swap. I'm putting my last thing in the mail to my SP bud this week.

Anonymous said...

I've been using the tardy sauce line since last Thursday! Are you a fan of The Office??

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Great gifts!

Your group will probably decide what actions to take (end or carry on). When you get near the initial end date, I am sure that the organizers will call your everyones ideas/opinions.

Keep smilin!

Mark & Michelle said...

You received some nice gifts.

Our group set an end date with the idea to revisit when we were getting close to it.

Anonymous said...

Good haul!

Anonymous said...

I've found the months since the SP exchange to be pretty sad. It's kinda nice to have lovely gifts arrive at your door! Also made me feel like the wait is moving along and reminded me that my daughter is not really just a dream! These days I tend to wonder! =) Enjoy your cute gifts.

Irena said...

oh you'll miss all those great gifts when they stop coming.