Monday, January 01, 2007

Why Nic Rocks

1 - She's funny
2 - She's a bit left of center
3 - She's a serious feminist
4 - She's uniquely creative
5 - She asks the right questions
6 - She has a love for the hog
7 - She has a flag for everything
8 - She brings people together
9 - She doesn't hold back
10 - She's a Wicked, Wicked Witch

Happy Birthday, Nic. You are quite a woman........XOXO


Anonymous said...

thank you darling! I really appreciate the list. I should paste it to my mirror as an affirmation.

Connie said...

and her card is awesome....Happy Birthday chick.

Tammy said...

I just jumped over and visited her blog - very funny and biting humor. I'll have to read more often. Oh, and the hedgehogs are way cute too.