Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baby Brain???

The other day my friend accused me of having "baby brain". I forgot something silly, was surprised by my forgetfulness, explained that I've been a bit out of my body lately with a lot on my mind - and she said "You've got BABY BRAIN". It took a good minute to absorb her observation. Once I did, I quickly decided that I was happy to hear it. Proud, even.

All of these years I have seen friends & family members go through all the phases of pregnancy and watched them slide into motherhood - the conventional way. I paid attention, I listened to every word, I soaked it all up. I even got to watch life begin twice. Live!!

As one of those "planner types" I was doing all of this active observing with the expectation that one day I would put my experience and knowledge to good use. I would be ready for anything, I thought. But, "anything" didn't quite happen for me. Never had morning sickness, the metallic taste in your mouth, a need for prenatal vitamins, the swollen ankles/feet/breasts/hands, weird new allergies. Never had to worry about sneaking around at a party not drinking wine, no avoidance of hot tubs necessary or blue cheese or sushi. Never had to worry about genetic testing, proper nutrition, stretch marks, episiotomies or choosing a doula. Nope, never even had one of those sticks turn pink for me. Or was it blue?

But, hey, I've got baby brain. Yes, I have BABY brain. And although the rest of the picture looks a lot different than I'd imagined - it is a sure sign that I'm gonna be a mother soon.


Millicent said...

What a nice post. Baby brain, eh? I like it. I've been attributing my spaciness to other factors (age, youthful indiscretions, etc.) but maybe it's baby brain?! That'd be cool.

MBmama said...

I was attributing it to paperwork pregnancy hormones!

melody said...

Now I have a real explanation for my aberrant behavior lately. BTW, our Smudge is a real little bit, only 5 pounds and 9 years old, but with 20 pounds of cat attitude. How is your tortie's personality?

Stacy said...

Baby Brain!!! I love it!

Here's to BB!!! Tell your friend thanks. I love the name!

Jen said...

I remember all my friends with baby brain too...it's a crack-up. They forget their own zip code sometimes. I will use BB to describe any and all weird behavior for me, from now on. I love it. Our journeys are different but being a mama is being a mama, no matter what. We will soon be there too!

Mariah said...

Wow, that explains it! I now have an excuse!. By the way I tagged you! Check out my blog!

Tammy said...

Oh yeah, you've got baby brain all right. Enjoy it! You've waited long enough.

And guess what - when it get close to your referral time, you'll start nesting too. How fun!