Thursday, August 03, 2006

tagged x a friend

Gosh! I was tagged by Mariah at Seeking Sloan when I least expected it. I love a good tag - so here goes:

I am....kickin' it with a nice glass of white wine.
I want....a long vacation from work.
I wish....for referrals from China to pick up. I wish on every star, ladybug, birthday candle, lucky penny and sneeze.
I hate....rude &/or mean behavior.
I miss.....the carefree days of college.
I husband washing the dishes. Yes!!
I wonder....why things happen the way they do.
I regret.....not traveling to Europe & studying abroad when I was in college. My only regret.
I am not.....comfortable in crowds. I don't like strangers touching me. (How is that going to be in China?)
I dance....when I'm happy. And, when I hear great music.
I sing....(and think I'm great)...when Alanis Morissette is tuned up loud in my car. Or Sinead, Missy Elliot, Aretha...
I cry.....when I feel misunderstood. And, when I want desparately to be understood.
I am not always.....patient.
I make.....special gifts for special people.
I write.....on my blog. And, all the time at work.
I confuse.....indifference for dislike or rejection.
I & acceptance.
I should......let things go more easily.
I start.......many creative projects.
I finish.....the pretty ones.

OK, so now it is time for me to "tap" another one of my blogger buddies for this tag. How about....Millicent?


melody said...

Really? White wine at 9 am? (hee hee)

wzgirl said...

You know, I wondered how that might look. Sometimes a nice cocktail at the office loosens things up in the morning. Nope, I wrote this Wed. night & couldn't post until TH am b/c my computer won't let me do "hyperlinks". My classy MAC Mini computer, that is.

Millicent said...

Wow...I'm so thrilled that I've been tagged! Like's never happened to me before!!! But I hope it can wait a couple of days since it's the late hours of Floyd's we're a little tipsy (hehehe, Irish pubs are a little unforgiving) and we're headed to the Scottish highlands in the AM. I will write ASAP on Monday AM....OK??? You rule.

Mariah said...

White wine while husband is washing dishes! I can't wait to be married!

Connie said... your list. Wine, Alannis, men washing dishes...I think we would get along great!

MBmama said...

Hey, I think we are kindred spirits! I got your square today - very cute. And just what's wrong with wine at 9? I think it could perhaps be a good motto to live by. Maybe that will be my next wish for the quilt exchange: "may you always have good wine at 9"

melody said...

Hey, I didn't say anything was wrong with it!! just 'sprised!! sounds good to me though, gonna go get me a glass right now.